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@xj9 Doing that eliminates almost all possibility that the mutual block will ever be unwound.

Matthew Skala @mattskala

@lain @xj9 It would be useful to have a "block for X length of time" feature, and socially responsible for that, with something like X=30 days, to be the default over permanent.

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@xj9 @lain when one of my friends on Twitter starts going down the virtue signalling path I sometimes decide "I'll unfollow them for now, but plan to re-follow if they go 7 days without posting any more of that shit." Some people I've done that with, I've brought back after the time has elapsed without repeat. Most eventually end up permanently unfollowed. But it makes me feel a little better than immediately going to permanent severance of my connection with them.

@mattskala @xj9 @lain but why would you use this besides trying to punish someone. if someone is doing things that make you want to block them, its probably their character and not just them at that second.

@delores @lain @xj9 I'm bringing this perspective from Twitter, where some of the people I follow are long-time friends I first know from elsewhere. I feel bad about unfollowing someone like that even if they post shit that hurts me, if there's any possibility it could have been an isolated and rare lapse. So I attempt (by manually unfollowing and checking back later) to give them as much chance as I can.