That's no phone...That's a tablet that can receive calls.

I'm looking at phones since my existing one will I assume be too old within the next year or so. The TL;DR is that none of the options are good either from a software freedom perspective or from a cost perspective, and recent-ish phones are impractically large.

@bob I feel like my current 4.5 inch phone is too large already. I don't want a 5 inch one.

Hope I can find a decent 4 inch phone again.

@njoseph 5 inch is now regarded as "mini". 4 inches I think would be a far better size for a phone, although none of the models made in the last few years appear to be that small.

@bob Back in 2013, 5 inch phones were called phablets. Now I can't find a "phone" that's less than 5 inches. #rant

A part of me wants to get off the smartphone wagon and use a feature phone instead as my primary phone. Smartphones can be used during travel or whenever required. Helps with my digital #minimalism goals too!

@njoseph If it can run Conversations and Tusky on LineageOS then that's most of what I want a phone to do. Working NFC would be nice, but isn't essential. I definitely don't need face or fingerprint scanners, or notches, or strange motorized extensions which look certain to break easily.

In an ideal world I've prefer something which could run entirely free software and a mainline kernel, but that's too lofty a goal for what currently exists. Even Purism and Pine don't seem like they'll achieve that any time soon.
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