@nicod_ @funkwhale @seasidestars looks interesting. Not something I need or want at the moment, but will keep an eye on it.


@Solobasssteve @nicod_ @funkwhale Looks really cool.. We've only been with for about half a year & right now are quite happy with it, but it's always good to have some kind of backup plan if things go dire. Just cause, at some point, they probably will :)

@seasidestars @nicod_ @funkwhale I didn't see anything that suggested Funkwhale would work as a sales platform, just a filesharing/streaming front end for whatever you upload?

@Solobasssteve @seasidestars @nicod_ We probably won't include a sales module, however, we do intend to integrate ways for communities to financially support creators


You're right.
As musicians or bands in self-production, we can see Funkwhale as an alternative to SoundCloud or Jamendo, but not to BandCamp or other online sales platform (for digital or physical media)

@seasidestars @nicod_ @funkwhale

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