GNSI Inktober no. 6: Geology

Today I sketched a rock formation in Preveli beach in Crete (From a photo I found on on Wikimedia)

This rock formation probably formed when a natural arch extending into the sea became unstable and collapsed. Erosion from the sea also ate away at the base, making a mushroom shape. #sciart #inktober #mastoart

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GSNI Inktober #7: Fish

Today I drew a dessicated Cyclothone Microdon - one of the most numerous fish in the world. It has bio luminescent camouflage that matches the wavelength of natural light to hide its shadow from below. #inktober #sciart #inktoberday7

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GNSI Inktober #8: Archeology

Today and yesterday I sketched the eastern chamber of a Mayan building complex at Chichen Itza called "Las Monjas" or "The Nunnery"

Actually, this building was most likely a palace. The elements above the door are the curved noses of the god Chaac, who appears elsewhere on the facade. #inktober #sciart #mastoart

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GNSI Inktober #10: Insect

The spotted lanternfly is native to parts of east Asia, but is an invasive species in PA. Kill on sight! #inktober #sciart #mastoart

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@sublingual Only in your area, of course. 🙂

Since it's native near to my part of the world (South-east Asia), I shouldn't follow that advice blindly.

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