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I am looking for a and app for that fully syncs via with several Android devices. Any advice appreciated!

Oh, and for tasks: Use the default Nextcloud Task App and sync your Android device with Davx5¹. It syncs Calendars, Contacts and Tasks :)


#orgzly works with anything that syncs files - it creates human readable #orgmode files, so you can use any text editor on other platforms to edit this data (well and emacs of course, where that format comes from)

@tpheine OpenTasks via F-Droid is my go-to task app. It plays nicely with NextCloud and has an overall great UI/UX.

For a more advanced notes app you have carnet app for nextcloud, and the carnet app for Android (available on f-droid). Also available on Linux, Windows...

I would highly recommend Nextcloud Notes for Android (from F-Droid repo). For desktop: QOwnNotes (perfectly works with QOwnNotes Nextcloud app), it's very powerful crossplatform app fully compatible with Nextcloud Notes app.

Thank you very much! I will check Joplin out.

Thank you. I put it on my list and check it out 😊

@tpheine just my 2¢ but just searching in @fdroidorg for Nextcloud will give you plentiful results. Carnet and Markor were some of the few already mentioned.

Thanks a lot. Will check it as well 😊👍


Nextcloud Notes (View and edit notes on Nextcloud) -


Tasks (Keep track of your list of goals) -

Which also requires

DAVx⁵ (CalDAV/CardDAV Synchronization and Client) -

Thank you very much! Although I find these apps great, I feel uncomfortable using 3 apps for 1 application: I for myself do not understand why notes and tasks are handled in 2 separate apps. Whenever I take notes, at least one task is the result.

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