Good morning and , dear , I need your , please!

I am looking for a and app for that fully syncs via with several Android devices. Any advice appreciated!

@tpheine i am also wondering the same thing

this is what people suggested to me

orgzly - just started using...need to figure out how to sync to NC

carnet - carnet is saying a newer vesion of nextcloud app is required though so can't test

Oh, and for tasks: Use the default Nextcloud Task App and sync your Android device with Davx5¹. It syncs Calendars, Contacts and Tasks :)


#orgzly works with anything that syncs files - it creates human readable #orgmode files, so you can use any text editor on other platforms to edit this data (well and emacs of course, where that format comes from)

@tpheine OpenTasks via F-Droid is my go-to task app. It plays nicely with NextCloud and has an overall great UI/UX.

For a more advanced notes app you have carnet app for nextcloud, and the carnet app for Android (available on f-droid). Also available on Linux, Windows...

@Carnet can sync with nextcloud bat there is no (yet ?) sync between users.

You can't share note between users but sync between multiple devices should work very well, you also have an online editor on the nextcloud app store and an app for linux desktop, and the Android app (fdroid and play store)

I would highly recommend Nextcloud Notes for Android (from F-Droid repo). For desktop: QOwnNotes (perfectly works with QOwnNotes Nextcloud app), it's very powerful crossplatform app fully compatible with Nextcloud Notes app.

Thank you very much! I will check Joplin out.

Thank you. I put it on my list and check it out 😊

@tpheine just my 2¢ but just searching in @fdroidorg for Nextcloud will give you plentiful results. Carnet and Markor were some of the few already mentioned.

Thanks a lot. Will check it as well 😊👍


Nextcloud Notes (View and edit notes on Nextcloud) -


Tasks (Keep track of your list of goals) -

Which also requires

DAVx⁵ (CalDAV/CardDAV Synchronization and Client) -

Thank you very much! Although I find these apps great, I feel uncomfortable using 3 apps for 1 application: I for myself do not understand why notes and tasks are handled in 2 separate apps. Whenever I take notes, at least one task is the result.

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