downvoted for pointing out people are doing guthub's FUD marketing for them

I'm so fucking sick of the defeatism and groveling in the linux community.

@joeyh uhm I don't want to sign up on 15 fucking Gitea instances, no thanks, I want them to finally federate. We already have so many barriers for contributors that we need to smash as many as possible


Just mail your patch to upstream developer. Problem solved.
@charlag @joeyh

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@charlag there is no point as there is no barrier; otherwise, it would mean people are fine running several different git commands but not the one supporting the e-mail workflow. the problem is maintainers not supporting the e-mail workflow.
@wyatwerp @wzqtparor @charlag I haven't had proper internet email configured in my OS for random command-line tools to use at any point this side of the millennium except for that time I wanted to contribute to some project that wanted git patch emails sent to their mailing list.

It was not the zero barrier experience that people imagine it to be when they use it regularly.
I don't remember how I sent in my patches, but I remember that I found the whole one-mail-per-commit format a bit surprising.

When using command-line tools for mailing it's not entirely easy to see what kind of monstrosity you are going to commit before you fire away a whole chain of emails to a list where you haven't previously contributed much. It's a pretty daunting experience compared to the "hey, here's my branch, here's a preview of what my PR will look like, ok, clickety-click".
I much prefer registering a user, pushing a repo and making a few clicks compared to reading up on which format this mailing list prefers and then firing away a whole bunch of emails into a list where people are talking and hoping I didn't make a fool of myself.
@clacke admittedly, I wasn't talking of command-line e-mail, just git format-patch (command-line e-mail within the local network would work for organizations though). Send the patch via e-mail client was the idea.

Maybe the problem is most people using webmail, that too as a secondary mode of communication. Time for git send-fediverse!

Also interesting is the fossil-scm issues-in-repo approach, if it can be retrofitted to git/Hg, maybe combined w/ patch queues.
@wyatwerp @clacke @wzqtparor you mean you don't just have msmtp setup already? what kind of kernel hacker are you :blobcatderpy:

p.s. git was never designed to be used it was designed to replace bitkeeper on linus' personal toy.
@icedquinn ha ha! True, not big on wading into unjustified complexity here. In fact, there wasn't much complexity in using Emacs in the terminal to send a patch via gmail last I checked.

I don't grok the git aversion, but I haven't used the ostensibly-better designs like Hg (or darcs). Isn't it supposed to be easy to use git remotes with , say, Hg locally? The Emacs Magit interface is also a big departure from de facto git commands.
@clacke @wzqtparor
@wyatwerp i didn't have much trouble with git. i used darcs and hg once upon a time, and fossil too.

the thing about hg and fossil is someone sat down and designed them to be used. it's like a comfy living room where you have a place for snaccs.

git is just some gas station bathroom. you're stuck having to use it but they never got around to cleaning it and the entire UI was just comprised of whatever was left after people pissed on the floor and there's probably 6 languages involved in whatever call you just made.

many a git enjoyer wishes fossil had rebase and branch protection so we could just use that instead :blobcatsmilehappy:

i mean its really sad how much fossil does in that 1-2mb binary. *and* has a web ui. A WEB UI. :blobcatnotlikethis2:

@clacke @wzqtparor
@wyatwerp @clacke @wzqtparor you can actually sync the wiki pages and the tech notes / bug tracker with fossil syncs and its perfectly happy with the main developer living in the woods only syncinc the community pages once a week and the version on the internet still works fine between syncs.

holy shit this is what competence looks like :comfyheart:
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