snopes has long time history of being corrupt even 10+ years ago. they run spam email server to increase hysteria chain mail, so people goto their site to debunk. since 2016, they ride sjw train.

since facebook, these media sites scum thrive on mis-info aka fake news. Some facts, such as company bad history or politician, basically becomes hard to find info after a few month.
cuz social network microblogs forces you to post and post and post. that's how they thrive. consequence is, any good info get buried in piles and piles of shit.

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@xahlee Snopes was created by a married couple as a pet project to provide evidence against things like Bigfoot. I have no idea how they became a puppet project for the DNC and Mossad to dispute provably factual discourse.

> they ride sjw train

An understatement if they're calling Quillette a conservative website.
@p @xahlee Quillette's slurring of White guys literally facing down Mossad assets as huwite supreemists was (((expected))), if unforgivable, but they do still write a few decent things. And yes, they basically are a Rightwing publication as far as the Global Jewish Hegemony is concerned.

@jack @p
hum? not sure what you are saying.
i watched quillette began in 2017. I think it's good. i haven't read much of it. rather, it and many others became popular because the sjgang gone crazy.

on the specific issue, is mainstream media often antifa associated? yes, it's true.

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