looks like twitter is doing unfollow to many conservatives today. (see ). this happens on youtube too. hard to notice. Solution is to not rely on their list. Use browser bookmarks instead. Painful but more meaningful.

when relying on cloud, your stuff may disappear or mutate. It has happened, and can happen in any future moment when you need it the most, and likely to happen at that precise moment.

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you know you have pets? your cat was born in your house, never went out, and don't want to. human animals in modern society is kinda like that. when you are comfy, have job, have car, everything's fine. Not interested in unpopular views.

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There is gab @getongab and @bitchute
They r free speech sites. Great.
But when you follow them on twitter, most posts are biased batshit u no want.
Why? cuz twitter facebook made popularity = drama. If you wanna be heard, you are forced to do anger/drama/clickbait/meme.

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