Deseret alphabet, a phonetic alphabet created by the Mormons, with rich history. most popular around 1860

@xahlee Never heard of this. Is it purported to be based on Reformed Egyptian?

i dont think so.
checkout wikipedia spelling reform for quite a few of them

@se7en @xahlee It seems quite far from Demotic or Coptic, which would be the closest link if they had ever claimed it was the Reformed Egyptian of their sacred texts
@ultem @xahlee

To make a small tangent, did you know that a member of the Church has claimed to have found a translation of the caractors document? He claims that the "Reformed Egyptian" was 1) not the lingua franka, and 2) A pig version of the original. He finds sources of characters throughout Egyptian, Hebrew, and Mayan to satisfy the translation and claims the phrase "And then it came to pass" is so repeatedly used because a Mayan glyph important to the language is repeated that can translate to that.

@se7en @ultem
seems some controversy. I have no idea what is "charactors" document. what is that? and what's "reformed Egyptian"?. Actually don't know anything about Mormons either... except heard a few things now and then, like multi wifes. lol

@xahlee @ultem "Reformed Egyptian" is the glyphic language that Joseph Smith claims that the Golden Plates were written in, and are not specifically called that in the Book of Moron (which refers to it as "a reformed Egyptian"). The Charactors Document (also known as the Anthon Transcript) is a hand-written copy of a portion of what was seen on The Golden Plates by a witness.

In 2015 a man controversially claimed to have made a translation of the Caractors document claiming to have found it to be a Pidgin combining Egyptian, Mayan, and Hebrew. I have linked the PDF, you can read it. I found it to be very interesting.
@se7en @ultem @xahlee if you get deep into it it's very consistent and answers questions that typical protestants can't answer. Doesn't mean it's true, but it's interesting that they've put so much work into it.

The Book of Abraham is the least convincing part of their scripture, since it's taken from a thing we very definitely can say now isn't what Smith said it was. He should have stuck to lost plates.

@se7en @ultem
too many stuff to read.
oh, wait, you are a Mormon?

@xahlee @ultem Not at all. In fact, the Christian Religion probably considers me a heteric and blasphemer if they saw me. Personally, I reject the canon of Abraham as a Judeo-Nonsense.
@xahlee There's a Unicode block for it! Thanks a bunch for showing. Will use for some CTF riddle.

checkout wikipedia spelling reform for quite a few of them

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