New article on the blog by @AmarOk on how synchronizing conversation history with Swarm works:

"We have alternatives, you can use them [...] GNU/Jami which is for communicating anonymously encrypted." -

Link to interview:

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"Working from home, keeping connected: 17 video conferencing and collaboration tools to consider"

«Jami is a , , , , -compatible and »

Check out the Jami wiki, it contains technical documentation and resources for anyone who wants to understand how Jami works or if you want to develop something with the platform.

Link to documentation:

:ablobowo: We are currently deploying HEVC / H.265 support in Jami on all supported platforms!

What is HEVC / H.265? We tell you everything here 👉

New features are available on Jami! A new major release of Jami "Free as in Freedom" has been launched.

Learn more about the new features:

What do we mean when we say Jami doesn’t require a server to relay data between users? We explain it here:

Jami is launching a new official reddit community where members can ask questions and help each other. Come say hi here :

Jami has new ringtones. Help us choose the default by voting for your favourite one here:

⚡️Establishing peer-to-peer connections with Jami -- part one of an in-depth explanation of how Jami uses OpenDHT to connect users.
Read it here 👇

🤔 Have you ever wondered how video rotation works during a call with Jami?
Discover the technical challenges of this feature in our new article 👇

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@Jami after bruno pagani updated the arch packages for #jami (ring-gnome and deps. thanks bruno!), i linked my ring/jami account from old phone and tested the desktop client. i've been following this project since early sflphone days and this is the first time i've gotten it to fully work and it worked great. better than my freeswitch server/csip simple combo. way to be jami devs! this is a nice application.
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Met the Savoire-faire Linux team at CES and they introduced me to Jami (formerly Ring):

Anybody on here tried #Jami before? #FOSS

We will be attending from January 7th to 11th! Come meet us and learn more about Jami at booth #29 of the Canadian delegation, Tech East, Westgate 1021.


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