Looks like we're getting closer to finally printing cards!

The new editor is now online and you can finally play around with it: rpg-cards-ng.netlify.com/
Please tell me what you think! Next stop: printing. Finally.

I also added boxes that are useful to for example show charges of a weapon. They became pretty customizable.

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You can do rulers. Like not only boring ones. Already three different ones are possible and maybe more to come.

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I finally managed to spend some more time on it so here are some updates to rpg-cards-ng development:

Ich baue gerade einen RPG-Karten-Generator in der Hoffnung ihn viel einfacher und bequemer zu machen als rpg-cards von crobi. Aber gibts da überhaupt interesse? Und Wünsche? Und Ideen? @[email protected]


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