Looks like we're getting closer to finally printing cards!

The new editor is now online and you can finally play around with it: rpg-cards-ng.netlify.com/
Please tell me what you think! Next stop: printing. Finally.

I also added boxes that are useful to for example show charges of a weapon. They became pretty customizable.

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You can do rulers. Like not only boring ones. Already three different ones are possible and maybe more to come.

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I finally managed to spend some more time on it so here are some updates to rpg-cards-ng development:

Little update on because I didn't update the live version in a while. I had to iterate over the editing functionality quite a bit and now in the fourth(!) iteration I'm confident that I found a good way. In the screenshot you see the editor in action.

You can now play around with my new rpg card generator. It is not usable for creating (printable) cards yet though: rpg-cards-ng.netlify.com/

Ich baue gerade einen RPG-Karten-Generator in der Hoffnung ihn viel einfacher und bequemer zu machen als rpg-cards von crobi. Aber gibts da überhaupt interesse? Und Wünsche? Und Ideen? @[email protected]


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