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you mean like a search engine that plants trees with their profits? twitter.com/elonmusk/status/13

But of course that is no problem. I wouldn't dabble around for hours without checking in the source code first. Right? RIGHT?! 🥲

I switched but I regret it. Cool names are not enough as it seems!

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Guten Morgen! Alle mal auf Initiative rollen und wer die höchste hat, macht Frühstück! 🥞🥐🍳☕️

Currently thinking about switching a library because the other library has such a cool name!

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@SunSuzSunTzuing 50000 ways of learning how to convincingly say "Wir shaffen das" in English

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My 10-year old saw Ted Cruz’s tweet and said:

“Paris was an international agreement signed by lots of countries, right? Not just by France? It’s to help the whole planet.”

Yep, @tedcruz. My 10-year-old.

You’re an embarrassment. Oh and a seditionist traitor.

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This bloke spent £300 on vets fees and X-rays and it turned out nothing was wrong with the dog, was just copying him out of sympathy 😂😂😂

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In einem viralen Video sieht man eine Frau mit Zuckungen, sie behauptet die tauchten Tage nach der -- auf. Ärzt:innen & die US-Gesundheitsbehörde widersprechen. Sie haben eine andere Erklärung. volksverpetzer.de/corona-fakte

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Eine Studie, die in The Lancet veröffentlicht wurde zeigt deutlich: ist für Kinder (11-17) zehnmal gefährlicher als die . Es trifft nicht nur "alte Menschen" & ist auch nicht für Junge ungefährlich! Hört auf, diese Krankheit zu verharmlosen! volksverpetzer.de/corona/coron

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Aber Menschen müssen weiterhin zur Arbeit pendeln, in Sammelunterkünften leben, entscheiden, ob sie ihre ALG II- Leistungen für Essen oder FFP2- Masken ausgeben.
Das ist ein Skandal!

Wir benötigen einen solidarischen Shutdown! Jetzt!

Do you know any other things than `favicon.ico` that browser tend to fetch as a default from a website that doesn't state it otherwise?

How are cookies from link shorteners working without consent despite of the regulations?

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@WhatsApp Here is a clarification sent out by WhatsApp on the latest privacy concerns and data security.

However, in my experience, it is not entirely true. Each time I chat with a new person on @WhatsApp, they are shown on my ‘friends suggestion’ on Facebook.

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@pedromatos Just try to stab someone! If you cannot harm the NPC, they are clearly part of the main quest.

I wonder if there is some common way to present release packages on just like githubs $user/$repo/releases

@Arteneko Someone should create such a thing... Maybe on top of something much smaller than Bootstrap so that @sir can then replace the CSS of sr.ht with it.

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File under: THIS SUCKS
% of pop. who say they’re willing to take the covid vaccine within the next year

Russia 40%
France 52%
Japan 54%
Spain 58%
US 59%
Germany 62%
S Korea 65%
Italy 65%
Canada 66%
UK 66%
China 74%
Brazil 76%
India 80%

-Edelman Trust Barometer 2021

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