that there's the plan to bring the @midoribrowser to the next level (including mobile)

@liw I seriously wonder why people want RSS to be dead. Except siloing of information of course... of course!

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You can't say covid-19 is so safe we can reopen schools then turn around and say it's too dangerous to have an election.

there is a style guide for describing in which order to put component methods: and even an eslint-plugin for it.

ip-tools (the ip command in Linux) set a useless bitmask by default when manually setting an interface address. Eg will be set as which wouldn't allow any other node in the subnet. Therefore it is necessary to explicitly set

Found out that I can run Chromium without glitches when I start it with --no-gpu flag. So it is the Intel UHD graphics thing. @Intel ...wanna tell me something about Linux graphics drivers?

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Man muss sich das wirklich auf der Zunge zergehen lassen. Eine Kontrolle wird rechtswidrig durchgeführt, ist ergebnislos, und führt dann zu was? Einem Platzverweis.

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Ein Tischlermeister, der wahrscheinlich mehr für den Schutz von Jüdinnen und Juden getan hat, als Verfassungsschutz, Innenminister und Polizei zusammen.

I have weird graphic glitches in on my new laptop (DellXPS13). Seems like not repainting the window. I use Xorg and dwm, nothing too fancy. Any ideas what I could check for to fix this? Other GTK3 applications don't seem to have any issues.

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Good late afternoon. For those who like podcasts with moving faces here is our podcast with faces of @DamianDulisz, @SedRicKCZ and @koehr_in on @YouTube. Enjoy.

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Playing with with Quest. I wanted to imagine what if you could define your own interactive touchable surfaces... really suited for actually. Ideally you would just touch any surface where you'd like to pin content or UI.

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"The American public faces one great and morally urgent task above all others between now and November: To do everything in their power to remove from the presidency a self-pitying man who is shattering the nation and doesn’t even care." @TheAtlantic

I want to mention that "Who Else", the current album of Modeselector, is really good in my opinion. This is the end of the service tweet.

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Alchemy looks a lot like science: an alchemist observes a phenomenon, hypothesises a causal relationship, and designs and performs an experiment to test the hypothesis.

The difference is in what happens next.


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