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So I guess now that mastodon survived the hype I can join too... 🤔

Good to read about some linux experience with this notebook. I guess I'm not yet at a point to get a new notebook anyways but this way I can hope for some newer generations... Maybe

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-replaces Facebook:
-Diaspora: diasporafoundation.org/
-Aardwolf (alpha?): aardwolf.social/
-Patchwork/SSB: scuttlebutt.nz/

-replaces Instagram:
-Lychee (Self-hosted only/not federated):
-quit.im: quit.im/

-replaces WhatsApp:
-Matrix: matrix.org/
-Signal: signal.org/
-Jitsi: jitsi.org/
-IRC(Self-hosted only/not federated)


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