I'm looking for an Home Screen application that is and simple BUT has some decent productivity features.

@lanodan @angristan @tcit Ooh, this explains a lot! I once had a page (was it Google Office stuff?) in Hebrew and never found out why.

The new editor is now online and you can finally play around with it: rpg-cards-ng.netlify.com/
Please tell me what you think! Next stop: printing. Finally.

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Here's how a healthy hacker mindset can help you become a better developer (notice we said 'healthy' πŸ˜‰)

Read by @EarthAbigail


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Hey . We just published new video. It's a talk from @TarunMangukiya abou Optimizing Nuxt.js. Enjoy Saturday.

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One of you asked how to deal with a lack of communication, and therefore work, during these WFH times.

@neilonsoftware has an answer.

Take a look, πŸ‘‡


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Happy Sunday dear . We have another video for you today. It's a talk from @SamuelSnopko - Blazingly Fast - Going headless with Nuxt! Enjoy rest of the Sunday. 🀟
Blazingly Fast - Going headless with Nuxt!


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Just to clarify: All this was already possible in an earlier version of my editor but I always slammed against walls at some point that stopped me going further. I now found finally a way to make everything possible with everything I need. It just took quite some extra time.

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And finally today I implemented the dnd-stats-block so that monster cards work again.

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I also added boxes that are useful to for example show charges of a weapon. They became pretty customizable.

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You can do rulers. Like not only boring ones. Already three different ones are possible and maybe more to come.

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I finally managed to spend some more time on it so here are some updates to rpg-cards-ng development:

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Looks like microsoft is trying to make a whole alternative GUI stack on Linux that only works when running as a VM under Hyper-V...


Oops, did they accidentally install Rails?
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Introducing @nuxt/components ✨

No need to import your components anymore 🎩

βœ… Scan and auto import components
βœ… Multiple paths with customisable prefixes and patterns
βœ… Lazy loading support
βœ… Hot replacement
βœ… Support for library authors


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Hey Episode #00 of our After Talk Podcast is live on our youtube channel: youtu.be/fZb3J5GJK64
If you want just audio version you can use this feed: feed.podbean.com/vuejsberlin/f
Enjoy 🀟

I would really prefer to only fight the Typescript compiler because I made a mistake.

I made me a something so you can buy me a coffee! Thanks. ko-fi.com/koehr

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