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Hey, . It's Friday finally. 🎉

Our next speaker is our co-organizer, Bud Spencer of Frontend @sharry_tech -> @SedRicKCZ 🤷‍♂️

He will tell you a short story(book) about @histoire_dev

Meetup is hosted and sponsored by Honeypot.io

See you next week. 🍻

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Happy Thursday dear . We are hoping you are as excited about next week as we are. 💖

Let us introduce our first speaker for a meetup on 4th October.
It's @kissu_io 💚 and he will be talking about @vuejs + 3D (via @threejs / ) + @TensorFlow

See you next week.🍻

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@kissu_io @vuejs @threejs @TensorFlow The event is hosted and sponsored by @honeypotio and you can find more info here: meetup.com/vue-js-berlin/event

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This week’s goal for Bun is Vite support.

Did you know that I write adventures? Here's my newest one: koehr.itch.io/here-be-dragons for @MothershipRPG

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This (very new, not peer reviewed) preprint is probably going to be a landmark in ML: "Planting Undetectable Backdoors in Machine Learning Models" arxiv.org/abs/2204.06974
"We show how a malicious [learning service provider] can plant an undetectable backdoor into a classifier"

Hello developer bubble! There is an open job position that, in my opinion, looks really good, if you want to be part of the change you want to see in the world. Please, have a look! education-innovation-lab.de/Fu

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You can already join us at the vuejs online meetup! Official start in 7 minutes app.gather.town/app/ao1lJNzuJL

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Zalando is looking for Software Engineers for their Pricing platform in Dublin or Berlin.
If you are interested you can join the Tech Hiring Sprint from 25th April - 13th May and land a job at Zalando within 3 days after your last interview!


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A very helpful Linux command: `pwdx`

Can be used to know the current working directory of a process or processes.

Used like `pwdx [PID]`.
Adding sudo might be necessary

We're doing it once more! On 12th of April Vuejs//Berlin will be online one last(?) time. Stay tuned. More details to come soon!

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Down to 190 characters!

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A friend of mine asked me to share this with fellow web developers. Maybe you can help in some way. DM me, if you have a message for Olga. Cheers!

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Wenn Der Sprit, den du morgens säufst, wieder teurer geworden ist.

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