The guy in the flat cap with his back to the camera is my dad. 😊

Funny how ”touristy” i am.
This is my own hometown.
How many myriads of times have i passed or been in this park over the decades?

Yet, here i am with my little camera.

Todays avtivities: Visiting mom and grandmom.

I have already spent a day with dad having some Chinese and going to a café.

Exept for that i am rewatching ”The Expanse” and pondering the mental ping pong that comes with being here.


Hm, supposed to be: ”i cant help noticing how socially weird.”

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Time for bed.

A ”few” more episodes of ”The Boys”.

Also, i cant help how socially ”weird ” one gets from isolation.

15 years ( or so ) in hicktown has taken me from a semi confident , social guy to…this.

A background character in my own life ( which takes place far from my geographical location).

I am now a person who would have asked my old me for an autograph.

Having said that, being in the city is fun.

as a general rule, anything i enjoy is taxed or discouraged by the authorities.

Time for a Jungle Bird. Fresh pineapple juice because that’s how I roll. Happy Saturday NA frens.

Bought some ”Lion” candy bars.
We will have a wee movie night here.

One of them Harry Pottery things. 🧙‍♂️

I wonder if i can convince my lodge brother , whos sofa i better for my back than my bed, to go for a beer?

…or rather LURE him as he is packing for the medieval week that is the reason for my cat sitting.


2050 and 1994 are equidistant from us in time this year.

Remember what 1994 was like, technology wise? Personal Computers at home were barely an ubiquitous phenomenon. PC monitors and televisions were bulky things. "The Internet" was geekery. Long Distance telephony was a thing. Mobile telephones was something for the wealthy. The most advanced shooter game was DOOM. Pacemakers was relatively new meditech.

Compare it to today and imagine where we'll be by 2050!

People have such weird moods.

I probably have weird moods too. 🫤

Good Morning!

Coffe, shower, orienting myself. ☕️

The mood encapsulated in it. I could have it hang on my wall.
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'Before the Storm'

We'll that took a lot longer than expected 😎

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

- Pablo Picasso

A had one great sleep.

I watched The Boys all night but sleapt like a baby after that.

Hm, the air humidity is like moisturizer for the lungs.

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