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Poppycock, hogwash, fiddlesticks, codswallop still reigns strong.

Killing Miranda - Discotheque Necronomicon


... hard to call them a "one hit wonder" because this was everything but a hit - yet I pretty much loved that track back then ...

#gothrock #killingmiranda #2000s

Happy Revenge Of The 5:th.

Lord Vader Tartan.

Designed by ZenMonkee, Scotweb.

Another black and white painting for my upcoming book. It's been a quite a week: finished three paintings and eight other illustrations. I had no idea I could work this fast, it's quite the discovery. Still got two more paintings to go and then the book is finally finished. It's about norwegian outdoorlife illustrated with 54 drawings that I've made. It is written in dutch by the way.


If you have seen the film .
Yeah? Well i’m stuck in the Swedish equivalent of that place.

Some kebab and then fell asleep with my clothes on.

Yeah, my life is glorious.

I’m enjoying this middleground where you are bored and restless and dont have enough energy to do even basic things at the same time.

Finally some sleep.
Some REAL sleep.

I was going crazy.
24 hours without any sleep after only a few ( like 3 hours ) the night before that.

Now i woke up rested at about 6:30 am.

Coffee time. 👍☕️

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