"After ban, Trump hints at deal with other social media platform – or bid to launch his own"

He's coming to mastodon. Run away!

Made a dish from my hometown in the south of Iran (Laar; look it up. It's tiny).

Boiled mung bean + stir fried parsnip + pomegranate molasses.

To make non vegetarian, add stir fried shrimp + turmeric.

Went today after a huge break. Although, I continued walking in the break.

When you're really disappointed at yourself, I recommend making pickles: celery, carrot, water, salt, vinegar, and some dried leaves if you want. In a couple of hours, you have a very tasty product and can start feeling productive again.

Everyone in the US is mad about the impact of the mob on democracy.
The US has managed coups in many countries, especially south America. Coup is the opposite of democracy.
The one they helped in 1953 in Iran:

His words in 2016:
"Although the second amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, that will be a horrible day."

Turns out, it *is* a horrible day indeed.

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هر بار یکی می‌گه فلانی‌ها نخبه‌های مملکت بودن، دلم می‌خواد یه تشت بالا بیارم روش! جدای از این که در نفس نخبه بودن، باهاشون مخالفت بسیار شدید دارم؛ از معنای ضمنیش حالم به هم می‌خوره که یعنی مردن اون‌هایی که (مثلاً) «نخبه» نبودن،‌به درک!

I've started to come to the realization that my relationships are my most valuable belonging in the world.

Is that early sign of aging? Am I old?

سالی که نکوست.
هر چند اینها متاسفانه آسیبی که نباید رو به زندگی میلیون ها نفر زدند. الان هم دیگه رفتن شون طبیعی بود.

Having lived in Tehran for ten years before moving to the west, the idea of a suburb vs downtown was very strange to me. Business and residential are mixed in Iran which is what I'm used to.

Having lived here for ten years, now I am used to the distinction. However, I always miss the liveliness of Tehran.

Wondering what's people's opinion about moving to the suburb. Are you still living closer to the downtown? How did you decide to switch?

Nephew has started disliking everything corporate. He asks me what's an open source substitute for Google Play music and Google keep. Ideas Mastodon?

شب یلداتون مبارک.

با آرزوی بازگشت صلح به ایران و به دنیا.

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Happy yalda night Mastodon.

Yalda, an ancient Iranian tradition, is celebrated on the eve of the winter solstice and goes several thousand years back in the history of the country.
Yalda means birth, and it was believed that Mithra, the Persian angel of light, was born during that night, which was then called Yalda.

As the longest night of the year, the Eve of Yalda (Shab-e Yalda) on December 21 is also a turning point, after which the days grow longer. It symbolizes the triumph of Light.

Coworker sent an experiment update at 2 am, Sunday. Do you call it acceptable?

Friend calls this behavior "boys club". Do you agree?

What's up with the US and homelessness?

I have a very basic question: don't know how Mastodon works and just followed @codewiz's publicly chosen community. But since he likes open source everything in my feed is also open source (sorry everyone for being an imposter). How can I find communities of my own field? I've searched keywords, but nothing important. Am I doing sth wrong? Is it that mastodon is for open source people and my community are all on Twitter?

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