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From Aaron's mom:

Idk why Aaron's incident make me so mad.
Maybe because he was working for the greatest good. Maybe because Aaron saw people who didn't have access to the resources (like the past me) despite being always privileged himself.

Aaron's story shows what happens when the stupid take power.

My country has been occupied by the stupid for the past 40 years now.

Visiting . Happy to meet Mastodonians if you are free in the next two weeks.

آشکار ترین چیز توی ایران برام فقر هست. هر بیرون رفتنی ناراحت ترم می‌کنه از دیدن همه ‌ی ابعاد فقر ولی خونه موندن هم پنهان ش نمی‌کنه.

سیستم درآمدی دنیا اشتباهه.
بیشترین درآمد باید تعلق بگیره به کادر درمانی.
خصوصاً کادر درمانی وطنی.

درآمد ما مهندس ها هم باید کم بشه. چی کار می‌کنیم مگه.

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ده ساله هر بار میام ایران، کارت فارغ‌التحصیلی دانشگاه رو هم با خودم میارم که اگه خواستم برم تو، بتونم. هیچ نیروی جاذبه ای برام نداره. نمی‌دونم چرا.

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I encourage everyone that has a 24/7 machine running at home to set up a Tor Snowflake proxy in order to combat Tor blockages.

#tor #linux #docker #proxy

خوب ما رفتیم این رو پست کنیم به تهران، گفتند که دارو هست و باید نامه از نیروی انتظامی بیارید!!!! (یا حسین).

خلاصه یه بار دیگه گفتم اینجا پیام بدم به دوستان که اگه تهران رفتنی بودند از شیراز، زحمت این رو هم بکشند.

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If you don't have time for another lengthy talk Bjarne Stroustrup, just watch the answer from this question:

Q: Can you talk about how optimizing code in the '80s was different from today?

Told traditional mother about IVF baby plan.
The most difficult step of the process is now passed 😃.

Actually she took it very well. She said although she doesn't advise it, everyone should feel free to make their own life decisions. So maybe I should call her liberal traditional instead.

10 year old niece showed me her program in scratch. It was neat. She converted her keyboard to a mini piano.

Blocks were in Persian. It made me realize how language is a barrier to non English speakers kids who want to start programming. Without that, they had to learn programming and English at the same time.

I'm very grateful of the people who made scratch and also the people who put the effort of translating it to Persian. You're awesome.

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Which OpenSource pieces have you discovered this year, which software have you stopped using?
The Linux unplugged election of the 'software pieces of the year' made me think on what changed for me this year.

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This is so cool: The German government is sponsoring a game to teach people git!

Maybe I can finally learn to use this magical thing now, and not just add issues trough web interfaces… :)

بچه های شیراز بیاید قرار بذاریم.

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