Does somebody know if the activitypub conf will be openly streamed or released afterwards @cwebber @rhineke2104 ?

**Trading in Pollution: European Banks Bankroll Billions in Amazon Oil**

""I wonder if the executives of banks in Europe know the real cost of their financing. How can they possibly sleep peacefully knowing their money leaves thousands of Indigenous peoples and communities without water, without food, and in devastating health conditions d…"

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so grateful to team @[email protected] and stellar jury to make #visforfuture happen, which resulted in so many wonderful submissions.

take a closer look at winners, all other entries and then—well informed—support #fridaysforfuture in the #climatestrike!

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Only 3 days left! 🦋🌍

While making sense of climate change can be hard, the submission process of #visforfuture is easy.

Share your latest #datavis project that helps understand and respond to the #climatecrisis:

#globalclimatestrike #fridaysforfuture


Make more use of WebRTC, Avoid intercontinental tech conferences! A study on the environmental impact of scientific conferences. Behind a paywall but available elsewhere open

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