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We are looking for 2 temporary devs: Frontend / backend and web/app designer. The Project is about bringing indigenous knowledge to climate change research. Here In particular : combining local observations and satellite earth observations. Work around Barcelona & remote.

so grateful to team @[email protected] and stellar jury to make #visforfuture happen, which resulted in so many wonderful submissions.

take a closer look at winners, all other entries and then—well informed—support #fridaysforfuture in the #climatestrike!

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Only 3 days left! 🦋🌍

While making sense of climate change can be hard, the submission process of #visforfuture is easy.

Share your latest #datavis project that helps understand and respond to the #climatecrisis:

#globalclimatestrike #fridaysforfuture


Make more use of WebRTC, Avoid intercontinental tech conferences! A study on the environmental impact of scientific conferences. Behind a paywall but available elsewhere open

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