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"Like Jesus, the floppy disk died to become our icon of saving."

I want to switch from a desktop to a laptop build, to be more flexibel.

Currently thinking about whether I should buy a big-ass laptop with insane graphics; or if I should buy a pretty decent laptop and get an eGPU for home use / gaming...

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@Pervertor what kind of freaking language is it you use that it even has a triforce in its alphabet? Ⱑ

I'm getting better and better using VIM every day and I like it even more.

Feels like the next lesson on VIM could be about on how to close it, fingers crossed!

What sticker should definitely not be missing on a ?

I'm in a sticker identity crisis and I need your help, fediverse!

The Witcher Netflix series trailer really looks awesome!
So one is clear: aesthetics and filming is awesome.
Now if they don't fuck up the storywriting, I won't be mad anymore that GoT went down the shitter.

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@blinry is the reason why I fall into a deep keyboard identity crisis this evening.

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Hey Scandinavia?!

What the hell does this button do!?

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🇩🇪 Derzeit gibts ein C++ Buch kostenlos, das sehr gut sein soll. Mal teilen mit den Brudis hier.

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Welche Nähmaschinen taugen denn gebraucht noch was?

Also Marken, bestimmte Modelle etc.

Am besten was kleines, womit ich aber auch Jeans gut nähen kann. (Gerne < 100€.) Oh und wofür man vielleicht noch gut Ersatzteile bekommt.

`coc.vim` seems to be a very cool alternative to `deoplete`. It also has a very nice name.

I love coc.

Is meat unhealthy or bad for you?

Kurzgesagt nailing it again.

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