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"Like Jesus, the floppy disk died to become our icon of saving."

A brief history of graphics in video games - nice documentation, much nostalgia!

A documentation of a fan about the development of the Elder Scrolls series. Very nice to see, if you're fan of even one of the games!

something whole mastodon can relate to

+Morrowind currently at a very good price at GMG!

πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Wir suchen immer Leute fΓΌr unseren kleinen Funclan. Sehr klein, familiΓ€r, keine Verpflichtungen, einfach am Abend zusammen rumhΓ€ngen und Zeug erledigen in Tamriel. Einfach melden!

What happened to ?
A well-made breakdown of what went wrong with the game

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