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"Like Jesus, the floppy disk died to become our icon of saving."

Sheeeet, the new Elder Scrolls Online trailer is freaking awesome:

btw if you're German, we're just a handful of more-or-less casual players that are looking for cool filks. If you want to play with us, just tell me

the sharpest knives in my kitchen

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Some of you sexy people playing ?

๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Der Erlkรถnig in neuem Gewand vong Jugendsprache her

A website with many topics and interactive sites to various stuff

TRW you're invited to a German TV show and argue with the sender to play live, but he insists on playing playback. So you take it dead-serious and don't think one second of fucking around

But then you're also Iron Maiden

Finally getting back into

Oh how I missed you!


I admit it: I suck at docker.
I've set up the docker-compose example of and added a "- ports - 9000:9000" there

added a simple Nginx reverse proxy (that may suck) and it says website is not reachable. http://ip:9000 is tho

I don't want to suck! >:'C

Born 100 years too late to explore earth, born 100 years too early to explore space. Born just at the right time to explore dank memes

erotic fiction about the sexiest editor in electronics

has audio reading available for you lazy farts

well ermโ€ฆ maybe ? who knows really!

when you see a random Mastothing in a comic

this might be my most favourite for this evening
plays in browser