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"Like Jesus, the floppy disk died to become our icon of saving."

Why everyone should learn Linux and why it's not that hard:

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The people who need encryption the most are the most vulnerable among us, and it's your god damn responsibility to truthfully inform them about the privacy you're proporting to protect them with.

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I'm too stupid for Rust, but I keep trying!

so my new laptop arrived, time to rice it! =D

...but also rearranging everything on my workplace and so on, that's gonna be some work!

Still can't decide whether my coming gaming notebook should be 15" or 17"

I'm still impressed that I can play WoW on my ThinkPad with an Ryzen5 and the integrated Vega8 on middle settings. 🀯

I mean, it's just an integrated graphics. That's the future we live in!

I want to switch from a desktop to a laptop build, to be more flexibel.

Currently thinking about whether I should buy a big-ass laptop with insane graphics; or if I should buy a pretty decent laptop and get an eGPU for home use / gaming...

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@Pervertor what kind of freaking language is it you use that it even has a triforce in its alphabet? β°‘

I'm getting better and better using VIM every day and I like it even more.

Feels like the next lesson on VIM could be about on how to close it, fingers crossed!

What sticker should definitely not be missing on a ?

I'm in a sticker identity crisis and I need your help, fediverse!

The Witcher Netflix series trailer really looks awesome!
So one is clear: aesthetics and filming is awesome.
Now if they don't fuck up the storywriting, I won't be mad anymore that GoT went down the shitter.

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@blinry is the reason why I fall into a deep keyboard identity crisis this evening.

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Hey Scandinavia?!

What the hell does this button do!?

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