Ooooh! DisplayPort 2.0 allows for daisy chaining up to three 4k displays at 90Hz... 😋

I wish more monitors would support that!

@akhy For private messenger-communication: Signal.

For mass-communication esp. in Marketing:

Just wondering, can we migrate account to another instance seamlessly?

Still using Telegram. Not sure if I need to move to Signal.

@angristan I’ve seen a couple of these “I want to build a Twitter alternative” people pop up in the last few days and what unites them is that they’re not interested in hearing the problem’s already been solved

Starting today, you can get the ProtonVPN Android app from F-Droid. This means our #VPN app is now:
✅ Verified by the @fdroidorg team
✅ Independent of Google's app store
✅ Harder for governments to block
Read more here:

What commenting system should I use for my static blog? 🤔

I actually hate Jenkins, but sometimes I must deal with it. This time mass-adding Slack notifications to a bunch of Jobs. Done without manual works using Groovy's functional style scripting.

Wondering who maintains instance, is it always updated with latest releases?

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