Vim's help is so frustratingly useless. What if I want to find info on dos/unix linebreaks? What do I type in? :help dos produces useless results.

Cool think about pidgin is that I can see people's discord name history

Age of consent in 1700s Britian was 12 for women and 14 for men, amazing.

When my cousin showed me the video for the Autoglass Repair jingle in fifty languages, it's when I realised there may be a genetic element to my fringe interests.

Thinking about how this picture of a snowflake has binary written on each of its branch

My number one rule for online interaction is to permanently ghost anyone who sends me a dick pic. I applied this rule only once so far.

Considering the possibility that within my lifetime there will be animated loli hentai with a ghibli budget.

With enough money, it's not such an unrealistic plan, I think. Just a lot of granite and fancy water installations

All I want is a real life Chao Gardens.

Not much of a problem on the diverse tho :blob_uwu:

I remember in primary school thinking the boys vs girls were really silly and surely nobody takes it seriously, but then I came online and apparently grown adults are still hung up on it and people call it 'gender politics'

It absolutely sickens me that I can' block YouTube channels. The Sun newspaper is trying to regain relevance, and their videos are being shilled to me in my recommended. Never want to click on them.

Jim Watkins is an incompetent admin, seems to bask in media attention and uses 8ch to expand his ego, sorta got what was coming.

My belief that climate change is real somehow feels like a fringe opinion.

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