Me: Anna and Marnie are gay. The movie is not queerbaiting.
You: But it's incest.
Me: Anna and Marnie are gay. The movie is not queerbaiting.

I forgot to take photos when I visited Jane Austen's house, so I just went online and found photos and pretended I took it. Anyway, this was a cute place.

The greatest thing Steve Jobs did was issue a fatwa against Flash.

If the catholic church is powerful enough to standardise calendars, it should be powerful enough to standardise file formats.

If you can't be asked to learn a second language, the least you can do is get really really good at your first language. I think I'll go for tat.

Months ago I imported a Japanese magazine on children's literature, notable for significantly covering the book and film When Marnie Was There. Have begun attempts at scanlating, starting off with making the pages browsable.

I actually can't remember which cinema I went to when I saw Toy Story 3

Wasn't POSIX architectured to sandbox processes by uid.

Sick of docker. What ever happened to just dividing processes by user account.

HTML is my favourite document preparation system.

It's so funny how in the UK, it's generally accepted that classism works both ways. Exposing someone as an Etonian is recognised as tiresome.

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Tell me whether or not this is unambiguously homo, with the word 'gay' being present no less.

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