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So, I did a video on how we know the #CoronavirusPandemic is going to change our world profoundly. We're not going back to "business as usual" when this is over. Please share.

Three state solution: Israel and Palestine their own state, and Jerusalem a City State (neutral, administered by Switzerland or somthng)

I dare anyone to write a guide on Docker in plain english.

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Just attempted to use it now. I thought it would be like chroot, that I would just mount to some directory or file. The 'image' is hidden away somewhere, what's going on.

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Every guide on Docker on the internet is either written by corporate blogs obfuscated in marketing doublespeak, or by semi-literate Indian people. Is it any wonder I haven't figured out how to use it? Fed up.

I read 'When Marnie Was There' attempting to confirm my suspicion that the yuri and incest themes in the Studio Ghibli movie was added in because of Japanese people are like that. But no, the book is even gayer and has more incest.

Oral Hygiene Bro is the greatest epistolary novella ever written.

Human civilisation appears to be going through a rough patch at the moment.

I hope LiveJournal is well archived. So much mid-00s Azumanga Daioh weeb stuff that needs to be preserved for future generations.

Have you ever written an personal-use application and wonder 'how did i ever bother writing this all that time ago' and then look at the code and then really wonder.

I have this pic saved so I can look at it time to time, it's just so powerful to me.

LXDE on Debian is more stable than the 'officially supported' GNOME on Debian.

My entire knowledge of the WWII Pacific Theatre comes from Medal of Honour, the video game (PlayStation 2)

Why are furries and homestuck fans really into this person's videos?

I love how my country is the only one in the world that has actually tried out anarcho-capitalism (Victorian Britain).

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