Is there any career that doesn't involve proprietary software. Even if I became a bricklayer, I'd probably be made to use some spyware chat app to contact work.

Imagine caring about your "value in the world".

Become intently aware lately that I've probably seen a majority of my parents life now.

Do not bother with `certbot --apache`, or snap installs of certbot for that matter. It just overcomplicates things for only three lines in an apache config.

School memories of someone unexpectedly throwing an apple at my head, the apple dramatically blowing up and the broken pieces sailing cleanly past both sides of my head while I maintained a neutral expression. At least that's how my friend described what he observed. Wish I could build some Isaac Newton style story out of it.

I can use paint thinner to degrease my bike, right. I've become anxious about keeping drivetrain and bike in general really clean lately, it being quite new.

Deep State? I only believe in the Shallow State.

Thinking about that time the US falsely imprisoned a bunch of Uyghurs in Guantanamo Bay is now set up with SSL. Next steps is to remove the default apache page at the root. Maybe configure short urls using apache rewrite module. And of course, flesh out more pages before opening it to public contributions.

"Love is" comics is lolicon for grandmas, and I'm here for it.

It's one of those languages where the program is divided up into "sections" with uppercase keywords. I might as well be writing COBOL at this point.

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Does PL/pgSQL even have a recognised file extension. Github doesn't pick up syntax highlighting for it, just treats it like plain text. This is what my life has become.

When nature documentaries put on "sexy" music for mating scenes, I simply frown.

If aural timbre were fonts, a pure sine wave would be Helvetica.

You all know I'm talking about "that" pic. Library of Congress should archive it as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically important".

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Dubai is basically one big rest stop, like the one in Breezewood, Pensylvania - both possessing a certain unique geographical and economic condition - so in this respect I can't really hate Dubai for what it is. The slavery is another thing tho.

Rewatching Tracy Beaker. Something that always caught my attention, even when I was kid, was how the dumping ground is up to fire safety regulations down to these little stickers.

I have such a hard time talking about animation to people. There's three groups:

The anime crowd who places an undue sort of exceptionalism on anything from Japan. Won't watch anything elsewhere.

The intellectual/cartoonbrew crowd who write intelligently about french animation but won't care about works for children.

The /co/ crowd who have pretty uniform understanding of animation across all demographics, except for japanese animation.

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