Currently in the middle of a holiday, something I've never done before. Trip around the UK with a friend. Is it bad to feel like I want to go back to work again time to time.

New years resolution is to figure out how to fist myself.

The internet feels boring when you're on a train.

One of the bad things that happened in my life is people suddenly pretending to like Oreos. This must've been back in 2008, after the Great Recession

(don't have any qualms with it personally, it's just an interesting design move)

>tabbed ui
I guess it's optional, but isn't this what repelled people from MS office.

Why are lolicons stigmatised, whereas babyfurs are widely accepted in society? Furries have so much social capital and privilege, acquired through aggressively asserted in-group preference, that they're able to get away with such hijinks.

Whenever someone says 'all you need to do to get good at drawing is practice' I say 'well chris chan did that for over a decade and got nowhere''. This seems to catch people out.

If I was a rich hipster with all the right connections, I'd set up film art installation consisting of a dark room with autogenerated kids youtube videos projected on the walls and ceiling. Exhibit it at art galleries. The mind of a modern child.

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