Urgent appeal from the Free Software Foundation: We need a Free software replacement for TikTok placed on priority list

Anyone who uses the word 'normie' is a normalfag.

As far as I see, this page is orphaned from the rest of the debian wiki. Why is this. I think installation guides is pretty important, but you have to search engine to find this page. wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebi

The Debian wiki could be disappear randomly one day and no one would notice.

I've been using Pidgin for two years now, and only recently I've learned you can @-tab-complete mention users.

I have decided that the most demure way to admit being wrong is by saying 'oh'

If anyone wants to join a discord server dedicated to the Peanuts comic strip, you can. Set one up the other day, and already had some nice discussion and material shared. discord.gg/MwChGF

There are only two brands of laptops people refer to it by its brand name, and that's 'Macbook' and 'ThinkPad'.

'Everything on Windows just works!'
>Plug in external hard drive
>Only option is to 'scan and fix storage device'

Windows 10 is no good, can't even mount an external hard drive.

Checking every day to see if espectall is back.

Going to have to start tweeting things here that aren't just images that only I find good.

Thanks to the Debian Women project, participating in the Debian community is elusive and inaccessible for all genders.

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