Not that anyone follows me for status updates, but - is experiencing downtime due to a damaged fibre cable at the hosting provider.

I bet not a single one of these people have ever thought about killing themselves.

Looking for this book, The House in the Square by Joan G Robinson, 1972. Not on ebay, not in stock on (dreaded) amazon. Local library doesn't have it. British Library does, but am I that desperate? Will remain eluded by it, for now.

Am I the only roadman on the entity of the fediverse.

If I had to go to university I definitely wouldn't study compsci. Idk. I think I do some humanities or whatever would allow me to study and write about children's literature all day.

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Same goes for "World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD"

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This vid has been constantly recommended to me for the past 12 years, and I'm still not going to click it

Growing up to find C is a deeply flawed language in the manner US people grow up to find out Columbus was a fraud

On my mind because was cycling through Waterloo + Holborn (London) last week and was pretty dreamy. It's not that I like everywhere to look like a theme park, it's just the reassurance of being a guest in a place where people live and work (as opposed to being trapped in a car cesspool)

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These are alright pics. What does it take to get that soft japanese look though - a filter? adjust camera lens? add a blossom tree?

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I reckon a good enough urban photographer could go around UK town and cities and create pleasant open space pics comparable to people long after in pics of Japan. Cmon, we have plenty of pedestrian and mixed-transport spaces.

Ngl this is a really well design, information-dense website.

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Yo I joked the other day about the existence of Enid Blyton fans, but just found this

The opening tune of The Magic Key is the most obscure and underappreciated bop in all of television

babes your fanny is bare astringent 🤢 babes your unstanched clunge making mandem emetic 🤮 your batty is peng but your punani is clapped 🙄

Always found Paul Graham's open love for his children in his writing to be so cute.

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