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GNOME has no thumbnails in the file picker (and my toilets are blocked) - new post on my website

My internal monologue constantly recites this caption in different intonations like I'm auditioning for something.

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This honestly my fav figure on Wikipedia. Makes me slap my knees.

Thinking about figuring out and setting up network bridge to a chroot, for fun/self education.

Woah, Dijkstra looked exactly like that "yes" rage comic face

I believe Hong Kong neither belongs to the British nor China, but to the Philippines (most of the labor employed there is Filipino)

Rumours that Kantbot might be joining the fediverse. Hoping.

People often say that centrism is being in the absurd middle ground of killing 500 kittens, between the positions of 0 kittens or 1000 kittens.

But the thing is, in New Zealand, cats are an invasive species and they legit need to cull them. But they've taken the middle ground of allowing limited domestic ownership.

Anyways, I read youtube comments less frequently now ever since using invidious, which somehow makes checking comments not alluring. Maybe there's some dark pattern in the official youtube frontend that makes it otherwise.

It's a good insight into the psychology of modern kids and teens. They really DO want to conform among themselves and so, with little self-awareness, will just crudely imitate one another.

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Bill wurtz youtube comments are surely some of the most terrible. Extremely unfunny kids parroting the same lines over and over.

Waiting for wurtz to upload the new song and vid on his website

Since kids don't watch tv anymore, and so aren't exposed to charity ads, gen z is probably the first generation in a little while not to have and image of Africans as poor starving children.

Thinking about editing the opening sentence of the wikipedia articles for Google Play and App Store to call them "package managers"

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