Nothing quite as unsettling as talking about a life problem to someone, and the other person consistently have no idea how to respond.

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@xtk @anjum I only watched the first season and I really liked it. They told me that the 2nd season is also pretty good.

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@anjum it was pretty good before the 4th season. Too bad they started recycling.

I am going to be double, post-contrarian, and say that Black Mirror is a good television show and I enjoy it.

I've always found it unusual that porn is a topic of contention among feminism, as if it porn is a specifically women's issue. There is porn of men too, or even Pokémon.

I wonder if people notice when I edit my messages purely to add in some elegant variation.

I still laugh everytime whenever I remember that the de facto official documentation for Vim is hosted on Wikia.

One again, tech proving to be utterly useless at mapping.

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Anyone know how to configure the map style of the Osmand+ mobile application to look like openstreemaps web. Tragically, by default all cycle routes use the exact same colour as motorways.

Rename Northern Ireland to 'Greater Belfast'

I refer to schizophrenic people as 'mad', just to relish the old-timey Victorian meaning of the word.

How many strong girl/woman leads are in films who are simultaneously autistic. I can only think of of Ponyo.

My mother calls every anime I watch 'Ponyo'.

Is it possible to get a doctor's certificate proving your virginity.

Oracle pl/sql and Postgres pg/sql are the most aesthetic language. Has uppercase keywords and code sections just like the 1960s.

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