One of my closest coworkers is leaving in a few days and he's in that funny sort-of "sober" state I've consistently seen from near-leaving colleagues. No sense of restlessness or anxiety coming out of their work, just simply made peace with everything like a wistfully calm patient on deathbed.

So apparently The Simpsons Movie is one of the most infringed films of all time, had the most bootleg dvds, etc. How tragic, all that money stolen from those hard-working shareholders. Beside, it's not like it made half-a-billion at the box office.

Anyone on here want to marry me. Just for financial reasons.

Reading up the rules of intestacy here and thinking "this looks fair enough". Don't need to write a will.

Zakir Naik once said that the qur'an says there are aliens out there, and he's hyped that science is going to eventually vindicate this :blobcatthinking:

Well written article about the history of "entailment", the mechanics of property inheritance in England and the enduring social problems it created

If the WTC attacks happened today, we'd probably talk about it for one month before forgetting about it.

Imagining a 57-year-old man pressing his finger on this while on his ipad in the living room

Bob's Burger movie coming out later this month. Seen absolutely no marketing for it, somehow don't think it will be a box office hit.

Such an unusual website.

"My uncle (favourite one) died, here's a movie poster I got."

Tried to sign up to apple for apple tv, but everytime I try to enter the email verification code, it fails. Guess they don't want my service.

Linklater's Waking Life reminds so much of the novel Tom's Midnight Garden, in terms of mood and themes. Like, I almost think they're exactly about the same "thing".

I also think I'm the first person on the internet to say that.

They finally announced Crossrail is opening on 24 May wow wow wow wonder if I should take day off work.

Marks and Spencers is responsible for a good deal of my formative experiences in my childhood, where I first saw
- a crossdresser
- dead baby surrounded by paramedics
- HD television

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