Sometimes I'm really worried what would people think about me if they knew the kind of things I do for fun in my free time:

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Just imagine how much faster the cyber truck can go because of the low poly count.

It is sad but completely expected that the campaign seems to have lost traction after just one week. So much effort went into it, created such a big splash, crossed $10 million in one week, and now it's sitting at $15m for 10 days. NOW is the time when they really need a support. In the first week it was popular, people joined just because other people joined.

Anyway, I know what my family will be receiving for Christmas, I want to "plant" at least 20 trees per each member.

Invidious featured on Hacker News... videos will be loading slowly again :-D lucky I download them all automatically to my remote external drive

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How BJP gain followers.
1.Start a adult content page.
2. Gain followers.
3. Change the page name 😂

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#2228 "Machine Learning Captcha" 

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Uhm, didn't see that coming (totally did):

The Wire messenger changed ownership in July, didn't really notify anyone as per their own privacy policy, and now belongs to a US entity called "Wire Group Holdings":

Not sure how I feel about that (totally do).

$ node -p "typeof x;"
$ node -p "typeof x; let x;"
typeof x; let x;
ReferenceError: x is not defined
Thank you very much Temporal Dead Zone, now give me back my 1 hour of life.

What's wrong with all the new Indian accounts acting like the :verified: emoticon behind their display name means anything important?

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RT @[email protected]

Könnte von @[email protected] kommen — ist aber keine gefühlte, sondern faktenbasierte Wahrheit:

So lässt sich CO2 wirksam einsparen. Annahme vs. Realität


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Started training a bot that tries to analyze and identify hate-speech on Twitter.

A few things became quite apparent after only a few days:

1. There are huge networks of (seemingly) fake accounts that like and retweet each other's posts. Someone is operating this at a _massive_ scale.

2. Reporting and banning fake accounts seems futile. You're fighting a hydra that spawns new accounts quicker than one can report them.

3. I'm feeling sick to my stomach just browsing through the logs.

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@vecna Almost uniformly, any privacy policy that begins "We value your privacy" can accurately be continued "by the megabyte".

Learning proper string escaping in bash sparked a vicious idea to use "$(rm -rf .)" as my password everywhere.

Emmm, I hope mstdn will survive this toot.

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