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The group sits back, perplexed that they together decided to take a trip which none of them wanted. They each would have preferred to sit comfortably, but did not admit to it when they still had time to enjoy the afternoon.

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Wanted to helped rekka's dad with their Windows computer. I couldn't figure out how to do the most basic things, gave up. I can't believe people can get things done with that.

> Somebody presses a button and out comes $53 billion. And then they say bitcoin is based on thin air.

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I'm so sick of teams and being pushed into groups I don't identify with whatsoever...

Left v Right
Black v White
Cis v LGBT
Linux v Windows
Python v Ruby
Nike v Reebok
Red v Blue
Europe v USA

Fuck all those stereotypes and judge people for what they say and do, not for what you make them out to be from the get go.

The iPhone 11 is officially the ugliest phone I've ever seen.

Hong Kong protesters call on Trump to 'liberate' the city

Yeah, you lost me right there. Extradition bill is over, good. If they were calling for Lam to resign, I would understand. But asking Trump, of all people, to "liberate" HK, that's straight up from the loonatic camp. Let's hope HK democracy will be very different from the pittyful fiasco shown by Trump.

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Another disturbing development in Ecuador's political prosecution of free software developer, Ola Bini: An expert for his defense was raided by police in the middle of the night.

The police refused to show a warrant or let him see a lawyer.

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I program for over 20 years. I just closed some tabs from yesterday:

"how to create directory in python"
"concat lists python"
"load 2 models tensorflow"
"how set pythonpath"

and some others.

And yes. I have a masters degree in informatics.

You don't need to learn things that you rarely need & are just 1 duckduckgo away by heart. Knowing that they exist and what to search for is sufficient.

Important are the thing you cannot search. Concentrate on those.

#ImposterSyndrome #elitism

@ashphy @codewiz @angristan @tootbrute @benoit @makuharigaijin @guskma

Regarding ( ?) are there any new details? I'd love to join, but might need some planning ahead due to visa

TIL that the only counter-proposal the British opposition have is delaying Brexit by another 3 months. Look, if you didn't figure it out in 3 years, what difference does it make? Bye bye Britain without safety net. You elected it yourself.

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Facebook scans system libraries on Android and uploads them to their server

(submitted by akalin)

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websites is easy. you wanna make a checkbox? <input type="checkbox">. bam. you wanna make the text pink? css color: pink;. all it takes. you wanna put the thing in the middle of the box vertically? no you don't

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#2195 "Dockless Roombas" 

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