Today I'm biking around... First stop Higo Hosokawa Garden 🤩

The graveyard behind the Inari shrine has amazing statues... Who are these people, and how much did they spend for their funeral?

There's a cute elementary school inside the perimeter of the Inari shrine.

The shrine is a maze of narrow alleys with flowers, trees, and single-family homes. It's always amazing to find such a nice and quiet neighborhood in the middle of Tokyo.

Next, I crossed over the Yamanote line at Ōtsuka Station (大塚駅).

The Tokyo Skytree is clearly visible in the distance (8km away).

The Yamanote-sen (山手線) is a loop line. Technically, it's still part of the regular Japan Railway network, but it's one of Tokyo's busiest metro lines.

For some reasons, it's written 山手 (yama-te = mountain hand) and not 山の手 (yama-no-te).

Today's destination is the Old Iwabuchi Watergate (旧岩淵水門) along the Arakawa River (荒川).

Looks like the base of a 1970's robot series.

I could totally imagine 3 robots take off from these steel gates and then transform into an even bigger robot...

The river banks in Tokyo offer amazing views and views. Best time is around sunset, but I had too leave sooner than that because I didn't want to ride in the darkness the entire way.

I skipped breakfast and lunch, so on the way back I was super hungry. I stopped at Vegetarian Beast and got the 3-deli combo set with hamburg, curry, pickled soy meat and homemade bread 😋

I believe my picks were all @jeeves

Today's loop was shorter than last time, but still 40km!

Not bad for a slob who wakes up at noon and leaves from home at 2pm 😎

@pla It's supposed to be a remake of a GBike, but nobody has ever seen a GBike in Tokyo so I'm getting all sorts of reactions, including an entire sport team passing while yelling "kawaii!" (cute!) and laughing 😅

@codewiz Nice! I might have to get one. I wonder if the folks here will start yelling "kawaii" instead of "Get off the bleeping road"! Somehow I doubt it.

Anyway, very cool. :peace:


You gotta get up at 3am and ride a few hundred miles like @pla 😂🤣

This looks like a great bike ride. I love seeing the pictures from Japan!

@Clifford @pla I'm glad you like them!

I had almost completely lost interest in photography, until I realized that photos can be used to share an experience. Combining photos and toots to tell a story seems incredibly expressive, and allows anyone to jump in and take the thread in a new direction.

@Gargron, I'm not sure whether this UX was deliberately designed or is simply an emergent property, but... my respects for creating it 👏

That's unbelievable: this trash
from my country spread all over Latin America in the '60s and 70's where it was known as "fotonovela":

@Gargron, let's make "tootnovelas" and go viral!

@Clifford @pla


That looks healthy and good. Now you are making me feel hungry. 😋


@pookito @jeeves I guess I should CW photos of food for people who are on a diet 🤤

@codewiz these pics are so gorgeous! I wish i could redraw the clouds

@cris Please redraw my Ghibli-style avatar so that it looks more dynamic, like the Conan avatar I'm currently using or @tagomago's Lupin avatar.

@cris @tagomago No, grazie! 😅

(ma complimenti per la creatività)

@codewiz send me the avatar you want to be transform into

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