Found this amazing pizza in Venice CA 馃構

Turns out it's a ring of restaurants with presence in various cities around the world:

@nicocesar including Boston!
@srevinsaju and Bahrain! 馃嚙馃嚟

The founder of all these upscale places is a celebrity chef who published a dozen cookbooks 馃槸
@nicocesar @srevinsaju

@kai Venice is nice! But it would be a long commute...

@codewiz I just mean Southern California in general has a rich tradition of veganism, nature boys, etc

@codewiz: I had a very similar one yesterday evening, but it was garnished with chicory, zucchini and peppers

@encelado I also started to appreciate pizza marinara. Good pizza dough doesn't require a ton of cheese on top...

@encelado This one was from Pizzeria da Peppe "Napoli Sta'C脿"... my favorite pizzeria in Tokyo.

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