I meditated on leaving Google for a long time, but I was hesitant because it also meant losing a large network of nice friends and amazing engineers.

I have so many good memories of Google, which is why leaving is such a mix of sorrow and relief.

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@codewiz I'm considering a few recruitment offers from FAANG folks, is it really worth the time? I'd like to not work for a larger company, but I don't neccesarily have any apprehension to it (and getting hired with a resume as short as mine is hard enough)

@smoldesu I don't regret working at Google. The things I learned from my coworkers are priceless. For expats like me, it was also the safest path to US permanent residency.

The hard part is not spending your entire career there: once you're used to the perks of Big Tech, you'll be frightened to switch to a small startup, or start your own business. You'll have to cook for yourself!! 😱

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