I bought this aluminium frame hybrid bike.

The shopkeeper said that bicycles left outside, even if locked, get stolen instantly here in LA 😰

I hadn't noticed when I bought it, but the logo on my bike's frame is somewhat familiar...

@codewiz It's like in Italy, you should feel at home again. 😬

@codewiz that's just a sign of how enthusiastic the cycling community is! 🤪

@codewiz What's this thing in the middle of the frame (between the saddle and the chainset)? A lock? If yes, what kind of lock? A cable lock?

@codewiz Thanks! I did not know this type. I have an Abus Bordo (about the same principle). I bought it after someone almost stole my bike (he just cut my cable lock; a type nobody should use excepted in Japan)

@Fabimaru The bike shop sold it to me as lighter than U-locks and safer than steel cables and the lighter chains.

@codewiz how's the bike infrastructure in your area? I remember it was absolutely awful in SF.

@rune LA's bicycle infra looks far behind the other places where I lived: few bike racks, few bike lanes, few bike shops. Plus, traffic is quite scary around here, with loads of oversized SUVs and muscle cars zooming by with subwoofers so loud to cause ear pain 😰

@codewiz I got 2 bikes stolen in Germany. Really a shame, I would have liked to invest into a good bike - but eventually I then took cheaper variants because of the risk.

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