You pick up the Laptop.

The new lemp11 looks identical to the previous Lemur Pro: a lightweight laptop you can easily take with you anywhere.

The Lemur Pro is almost identical in shape and size to my old Thinkpad X1 Carbon. It will fit perfectly in my smaller backpack 👍

There is only one USB-C port, and both the USB-A ports are blue, so they should be at least USB 3.0, and likely 3.2.

Yes, USB 3.2, but which generation? 🤓

From the tech specs of the Lemur Pro, I learn that I have one USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 port and one USB-A 3.2 Gen 1... but since they're both blue, I can't tell which one is the bestest. 🤔

To be clear, there is little Ststem76 could have done: the situation with USB connectors, cables and names has become super confusing, and the USB Industrial Forum is primarily to be blamed for this mess.

After dealing with the important question of USB versions, it's time for beers with teammates 🍻

At the pub, we power up the new machine and it boots straight into !

To prove that we're running a legit distro, my coworkers quickly install the ascii-art demos aafire and cmatrix.

is simply a fork of Ubuntu 22.04 with some nice UX improvements.

The initial setup proceeds smoothly, encrypts.my hard drive with my chosen password, and reboots into a nice desktop session. Well done, !


A very compact 65W AC adapter is included, albeit not USB-C (whyyyyy?)

The Lemur Pro can also charge via USB-C, but I'd have to check if it's equally fast. When traveling, I want to take with me a single USB-C charger for all my devices.

On the back of the card, I find a warm welcome message.

Thank you @system76, so far the customer experience has been 100% positive would purchase again 👍

A familiar Initial Setup guides me through some configuration screens...

But I hit the first UX glitch: I mistyped the Wi-Fi password, and there's no way to retype it.

So I bypass the setup interface and connected manually from the Settings panel, but the Initial Setup app won't notice it. So I have to Skip... 😕

This is likely an upstream bug present in all Linux distros which ship 42, but is ultimately responsible for the integrated customer experience, so I'm blaming them anyway 😏

@tchx84, would take a bug report from a user, or do I have to reproduce this on a more pristine GNOME desktop?

I open the Settings app, and immediately notice a new entry: OS Upgrade & Recovery. Is this also present on a vanilla Ubuntu 22.04? I don't think so...

Anyway, there's already a pending update for the system recovery partition. Good, let's do it!

Now I'm curious to see how the
recovery process works... Nice touch.

Next, I open "Pop!_Shop", which is essentially GNOME Software with a gibberish name.

The suggested apps seem reasonable, but I didn't see the expected warnings for proprietary software such as :

Perhaps Pop!_Shop is based on an older release of ?

There are a number of pending updates including Pop!_Shop itself (every time I type that exclamation-mark + underscore sequence, I puke a little bit in my mouth).

Anyway, kudos for writing detailed and meaningful release notes!

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Correction: the Lemur Pro is 14" and not 12".
Nobody calls my bullshit??

@[email protected] the only disapointment I have with my Lemur Pro is the speakers, but other than that I love it :)

@codewiz I would advise against if I knew it was 12". I think 13 is the lower limit.

@Maryam Ah, my bad: the Lemur Pro is actually 14".

And they also have larger 15" and 17" laptops for those who like bulky high-performance laptops:

The Oryx and Gazelle also come with firmware and Linux preinstalled and fully supported, which are 's main advantage over other vendors.

@codewiz On a hunch: the one next to Type-C is Gen 2, to keep the board design simpler

@codewiz Original names look good. And if they didn't want to link version number to speed, could have done USB 3.2-20G etc.

@codewiz My first laptop from System76 was the Oryx Pro. Now I have the Pangolin. I have been very pleased with both.


The Pop shop is not based on GNOME Software AFAIK, it's based on ElementaryOS's AppCenter. That may be why, I don't know if EOS's AppCenter has those warnings.

@codewiz I had four types of power connectors for my Lenovo laptops. 🤦

@veer66 wtf... I can't imagine what the other two could be

@veer66 lol 😃

There's a special place in hell for device vendors that don't do standard USB-C charging.

[email protected]@mstdn.io I have a Lenovo laptop with USB-C. Maybe it is how they avoid hell.

@codewiz I normally ask directly if they support screen, charging and all that one by one because 3.1 vs 3.2 gen 1, gen 2 and all that is misleading.

@freakazoid They say it's assembled in Colorado, but the mainboard and the LCD panel likely come from a factory in Taiwan or Shenzhen.

Still, kudos to for assembling and shipping my laptop in less than a week!

@codewiz When I first looked at them it appeared they were just selling branded white label laptops, so I passed. Sounds like it may be time to take another look. Does the laptop come with LibreBoot?

@freakazoid They use coreboot and Open EC:

Here's the top-level repo with instructions to build and flash:

I'll try this soon, before moving my system to the new laptop.

@codewiz lol I had no reason to. I was just surprised that they made them that small.

@codewiz I went to the System76 site to check out the 12" model but couldn't find it. I will call you out next time. :)

@codewiz System76 Open Firmware with coreboot 🥰
With QubesOS makes this a perfect privacy minded laptop (I have no idea about pop!_os)😜

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