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I am disinterested in disputing "the best". I am, above all, interested in what *I* like, followed by what family & friends like (eg, present company), and then most broadly but of only practical interest because it dictates availability, what "'people" like.

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I must not tweet.
Twitter is the mind-killer.
Twitter is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my tweets.
I will permit them to pass over me and through me.
And when they have gone past I will turn the inner eye to see their path.
Where the tweets have gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

(Apologies to the memory of Frank Herbert.)

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The fundamental freedom to fork and the ability to federate are complementary.

Forking establishes a divide, federation is the set of techniques for communication, collaboration, and navigation across divides to create a whole that is distinct from and often greater than the sum of the parts.

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I don't know why I bother to argue with people. In the vast majority of cases, it just results in hostility, no matter how civil I attempt to keep the tone. In a small number of cases, an interesting exchange results, in which both sides learn something new. I would love to be surrounded by people with that kind of mindset.

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It's interesting to me that "emoticon" and "emoji" look so similar but are etymologically unrelated.

"emoticon" - "emotion" + "icon"

"emoji" - 絵 ("e", meaning "picture" or "art") + 文字 ("moji", meaning "(written) character" or "kana")

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Earlier this year at the #CS3 conference for universities and research organizations, Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek talked about the future of Enterprise File Sync and Share. The talk is now online, courtesy of #CERN!

t.co/I9WPdg7ndG t.co/asDUcwP3wP #nextcloud

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We run multi-user operating systems on computers with MMUs, then we run web apps and databases on top of them that just throw that all away and process all requests in a single memory space. Then we cache everything in a memory-based key-value store with a single keyspace. All in the name of eking as much performance as possible out of our servers.

And then we wonder why we're constantly getting pwned.

efail? more like HTML efail amirite

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re: some RMS takes I've seen Show more

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Fantastic deep dive here in the history (and sometimes assumptions) behind the British treatment of -ize/-ise words.


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Domain fronting is critical to the open web blog.torproject.org/domain-fro

Tor is an open network, and all Tor relay IPs are public, which makes it simple for repressive governments to block them all.

Meek is a domain fronting pluggable transport that censored users rely on to bypass these blocks. Since Amazon and Google have blocked domain fronting, only Microsoft's Azure cloud still works, but Tor hears Microsoft might block it next.

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Look at this ridiculous little keyboard. Look at it!

($11 and yes of course I bought one.)

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One of my proudest work accomplishments is that when I'm explaining something, and eyes glaze over, and I ask "does this make sense to you?", then my coworkers feel comfortable saying "no, not really".

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*exasperated sigh*

Validating user input 😩🙃

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Since the Facebook debacle I have:

Deleted Facebook
Deleted Twitter
Cut back everything Google to just gmail
Dumped the chrome browser
Switched from windows to Linux Mint
Started using Firefox
Started using Proton Mail

Quit being a product, starve big tech where your information is concerned.

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#mastoadmin talk time!

Last night I decided to take a shot at moving my instance out of Docker (which I don't know very well) and into just a regular install with the system PostgreSQL and Redis etc.

I stopped my instance, updated to latest stable and dumped the database, using my usual backup command fired via docker-compose:
docker-compose exec --user postgres db pg_dump -Fc postgres > social.chinwag.org-`date +%Y%m%d%H%M`.psqld

The toot's going to mangle that but you get the idea.


final leg of return from starting

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Hi all! I'm a Phd Candidate in anthropology, studying the physical effects of stress in childhood and stress involved in living as a recent immigrant in the US.

I'm also a cellist and a (bad) gardener. I use R for my statistical and graphic purposes.

Je parle français et/y hablo español

Nice to meet you all!

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/me is deploying ALL THE FOLLOWS

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