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KDE helped NASA reach Mars and now we're helping James Cameron reach Pandora in the #Avatar sequels. Lisa Su of AMD shows off video effects software running on KDE Plasma. #CES2019


January 2018 - killed my facebook account.
January 2019 - killed my twitter account.
much rather spend my time on mastadon.

captcha seriously needs to die. I can't claim a game on GOG right now because the page "times out" while I'm busy taking a 10 minute long captcha quiz

@danrabbit Reading the update blog for the Juno update, Code sounds absolutely amazing after all that work. Congrats to the ElementaryOS team on a great sounding release! I'll have to take another look at it in the near future.

Just discovered Krename. I love how whenever I hit a problem that needs a solution, it usually already exists in Linux and it's just a matter of the correct search terms to find it.

@kde I decided to check out the Kontact software suite because the recent Thunderbird update broke all my calendars. It looks like a nice piece of software, however I find the GUI very unintuitive and a mess to navigate. It also did not play well with the Gnome environment on POP!_OS. There may very well be a bunch of options to configure it exactly to my liking but it's very overwhelming. That being said Kmail was the only email client other than Thunderbird that could handle 2FA on a gmail.

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Multibooting Made Easy with the FlexiDOCK by ICY DOCK | Product Review by TuxDigital - tuxdigital.com/2018/10/flexido

This is a product review for the FlexiDOCK from #ICYDOCK. The flexiDOCK MB524SP-B is a device that makes #MultiBooting very easy without having to deal with #Bootloader or #Partition and so on. In this video, Michael discusses the Pros and Cons of this product as well as provide a demonstration of the multi-booting features of the #flexiDOCK.

tuxdigital.com/2018/10/flexido #linux

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We do not track, we do not send targeted ads. Instead, we encrypt your entire mailbox automatically. It is time to leave Gmail and choose privacy: quora.com/Why-should-I-use-Tut

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Sony enters EFF's Takedown Hall of Shame for claiming it owned Bach's music, even though he died before American copyright law even existed arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20 source: twitter.com/eff/status/1041746

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There's a lot of customer culture attitude in Mastodon-the-community, where people treat Gargron and other devs, the instance admins, moderators, etc. like service workers. It's a spoiled, entitled attitude, where "the customer is always right" and it's okay to be abusive or demeaning to people providing a service when they don't give you what you want.

The fediverse isn't a corporate model. When you're rude or demeaning to someone here, you're being abusive to volunteers building a playground

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Reminder: If you're bringing a game to #Linux be sure to get in touch with us gamingonlinux.com/ boost this please, make sure developers know we exist!

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