@sathariel Yeah, that's the sona's name and I actually kinda prefer it, but call me as you like as long as it's not Franchute or something weird x3

@sathariel (wait, are you following me? Mastodon doesn't seem to think so!)

@sathariel Turns out, I blocked you today as a joke...
but it seems Mastodon doesn't federate that well with Pleroma lmao

@espectalll got it, Franchute. Nhaa actually Xerz is a nice name

@adidal I filled "pure" in a way which acknowledges that... it's like "poor in intentions, although I've gone through everything" (?)

@Elizafox @unascribed second picture of the template... yeah, that was boring to edit lmao

@Kitteh hmm, it was made with a template image, but it got deleted! @unascribed perhaps you still have it somewhere?

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