Today, it was announced that one of Japan's large Mastodon servers,, will be shut down after a month.

There have been changes to operators on large servers so far, but it is the first time for large servers to be shut down, and attention is being paid to what effect this may have.

Japan's mastodon user's timeline is temporarily bustling with this topic.

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@noellabo Guess they didn't find a way to profit from it on the whole Dwango ecosystem, what a shame. Perhaps it's too late, but could it be suggested that the social network be integrated as a way to seamlessly share and comment videos, posts, etc. from NicoNico using ActivityPub?

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@espectalll That's right. They were not able to monetize well.

As is the case with, which has been discussed this time, their services tend to form closed communities, and ActivityPub's federation has not been used much.

There were many users of local timelines.

There was almost no cooperation between video sharing service and Mastodon.

I think I did not do well in various ways.

It is a pity that closure is not life-long, but I think it will be better if we try again.

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