After the four hour walk it was good to get back to the car park, where my late lunch was waiting for me. I ate with relish (not the condiment).

The car park is operated by the Forestry Commission, and they charge two pounds for an all-day ticket. I didn't mind, as the money goes towards the nature reserve upkeep and the provision of the facilities (including very well appointed toilets).

As Arnie once said: "I'll be back".

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Little and Large II

I have often come across small groups of fly agaric mushrooms, but I've never seen so many little & large pairs before. On Saturday I saw 7 pairs of little & large mushrooms. Never more than two, and always the same disparity in size.

Must be something to do with the soil conditions in this area.

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A closer view of the house that I described earlier as Idyll #237. Not only is the house beautiful, but the location is stunning.

If it ever comes onto the market, I'll be in there like a shot (laughs up his sleeve).

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For 95% of the distance the path is excellent. There was a short distance on the north side which was very boggy. I had to step carefully to avoid getting up to my calfs in mud.

The path on the south side was navigable by motor vehicles. On the north side, the path was mostly a broad footpath, as shown in the photograph below.

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The photographs are all from a walk I did, on Saturday, around Loch Afraig.

The walk takes about three to four hours, depending on how often one stops to take photographs.

Compared to other walks I've done recently this one was quite busy. I saw around 40 people over the 4 hours.

Everyone looked fit and healthy, with tanned complexions, and a spring in their step. They all displayed broad grins. I suppose, like me, they were happy to be in a special place.

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At the far end of the loch (west end) there is a beautiful sandy beach. As the photo shows this is a popular place for people tenting.

I have no idea what purpose the wee building serves. I didn't try to go inside.

It has a real turf roof with grasses and flowers growing on it. My guess is it is a summerhouse, for sitting comfortably, while gazing along the loch.

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This is one of the first photographs I took of the same Scots Pine, in 2009. Note the lack of other trees in the surroundings.

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My all-time favourite tree (the tall one, to the right of the photo). I have photographed this tree more than any other.

Scots Pine - Giuthas-Albannach - Pinus sylvestris

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This exploration of shared words with different meanings got me thinking about words which have never crossed the Atlantic.

For instance, I've never used (except in an ironic sense) the words "honey" or "baby" when referring to a partner. Perfectly normal in North America, but effectively unused in British English. That said, I've never used the term "darling" either. I'm not sure why exactly, perhaps because it seems old-fashioned or because it has been luvvied.

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This change in language enables the often unintended, funny innuendo.

The most famous example (which I've never seen) was the TV cookery demonstration by husband and wife team of Johnnie & Fanny Craddock. Johnnie's closing remarks became the stuff of legend:

"May all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny's."

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The 1944 Gainsborough film "Fanny by Gaslight" was, not surprisingly, renamed for the North American markets to "Man of Evil".

In the intervening years British English has also changed, and the original film title wouldn't be used in the UK now (for similar, but slightly different reasons).

The Siberian puppy photo came from a pets-for-sale website. I was astounded at the current prices for buying dogs, both puppies and adults.

was bought for £400. The current starting price for any dog breed is £2,500. More exotic breeds command prices several times more than that.

Has Lockdown increased dog purchase prices?

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Bridge Over Untroubled Water.

The start of another adventure. Do you know where it is?

Oh, fresh snow on the mountains, too.

Camera at the ready, I'm going out now.

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The last few days of weather have heralded a change of season. Morning temperatures below freezing, winds blowing the yellowing leaves off the trees, and mists covering the mountains.

I'm loving it!

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