Talking of the ERG hard Brexiteers, Jacob Rees-Mogg has said notwithstanding the vote Theresa May should resign (he is in the same party remember).

TM can't face another leadership challenge for at least 12 months. However, the hard Brexiteers are threatening to topple their own government if TM doesn't drop her Withdrawal plan.

They can do this because the government only has a slim majority IF the DUP are also included.

I went off and did something else, so only now catching up with the result.

Theresa May 200
Anyone else but TM 117

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the current leader. No wonder TM looked so glum walking back into No. 10.

Obviously not just the ERG hard Brexiteers that are unhappy with the PM.

No wonder Brexit is such a mess, when the same crowd take so long to count a few votes.

I agree with this assessment from Robert Peston:

Here is how to interpret no-confidence result. 130 votes against @theresa_may, she is in dire trouble. 100 against "nothing has changed". 80 against "strong and stable" (ish).

It's Wednesday, it must be

On our first day with the dog, we had a long journey back home. Our first stop was at the beach. What an adventure for an 8 week old puppy.

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Happy Wednesday, happy #woofday!

Driving tip: check your mirrors.
Dog-watching tip: check other drivers' mirrors, too!

#dogs #mastodogs

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Fediverse, you should read that..

« There were more than a few times when people looked at us strangely because we were laughing. [...] You have to understand. We witnessed a lot of horrible things. Our friends have died, often right in front of us. Our loved ones have disappeared. We have seen so much pain, so much grief. So to us a demonstration in Paris, [...] it’s not dangerous. Because we knew that whatever happened, we wouldn’t die. [...] We wouldn’t disappear. »

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“Base yourself at Gairloch in Wester Ross and explore its rocky coastline, where you’ll discover numerous sandy beaches lapped by the clearest water, including Big Sand and Redpoint.” #Scotland #photography #Schottland

geklaut bei:

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@Curator one (1) soft boy whose birthday is consequently today 🎆🐾

Historical note:

In the first round leadership election when Heseltine stood against Thatcher

Thatcher 204
Heseltine 152

However, Thatcher felt so weakened that she resigned a few days later.

Same might happen to May.

I'm wanting to get some keto test kit strips.

There seems to be a bewildering selection.

Any recommendations or advice?

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Noooo. You're kiddin'?

Dominic Raab & David Davis (Tories both & potential leadership candidates) are teaming up with Arlene Foster (DUP leader) for a better Brexit deal.

Whatever that means.

Further reports are saying...

Graham Brady (chairman of the committee) has asked to meet with Theresa May after Prime Minister's Questions, tomorrow.

So, no announcement likely until tomorrow.

Well, well, well.

There are reports that the Conservative 1922 Committee have received 48 letters supporting a leadership challenge.

If true, it means Theresa May will face a leadership challenge.

I'm on a Mediterranean odyssey today. Earlier I ventured to Cyprus, now I move onto Crete.

My mother had an album of music composed by Yannis Markopoulos for the television series "Who Pays the Ferryman?" It was a regular on the turntable when I was a child.

It is great to hear it again.

Ha ha ha
Theresa May arriving in Berlin to meet Angela Merkel. Live on TV: the car door gets stuck and TM can't get out.

Was Angela operating the remote control?
[It was a Mercedes].


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