A note about Scottish mountains.

There aren't many dramatic mountain shapes in Scotland due to the effects of glaciation. Until about 8-10,000 years ago Scotland was covered in a sheet of ice about 1km thick. The ice was moving and it ground down the mountains into the smooth shapes you see today.

The weight of all this ice also compressed the land underneath. The land is still rebounding and therefore Scotland is (very gradually) getting bigger. 😃

Swooping lines & shadows.

The last of my "manual panorama" photos. This shot is 270° around from the first photo.

The right most mountain peak is usually an easy stroll from this point of the walk, but all that snow would make it hard. It was too late in the day, and I still had a 2.5 hour walk back to the car.

It was a great day.

Scottish tundra

This photo is 180° around from the image I posted first (the accidental one). I just avoided looking directly into the setting sun. The landscape is beautiful in a bleak sort of way.

Thankfully the wind was at my back now. 😃

It was the strong wind that led me to take the accidental photo that I posted earlier today. I was trying to prevent the camera & tripod from toppling over when I touched the trigger release. It wasn't helped by the tears streaming from eyes, also caused by the wind.

Once the tripod was steady, I swivelled the camera by 90° horizontal + 90° vertical (portrait) and took the photo shown above.

Blown snow in the late afternoon.

You can't tell from a single static photo that there is a gale blowing from the east (from the right). There was really deep snow on this high plateau, but the gale had blown some of the snow off the grass and into huge drifts.

If you look closely at the mountain in the background, there are snow drift lines, also created by the strong winds.

My actual time spent taking photographs is miniscule compared to the time spent doing preparatory work before and remedial work afterwards. I'm sure this must be the same for other landscape photographers.

For example, it took me 3 hours for the walk-in and 2.5 hours return. Fiddling with tripod etc. 30 minutes. Post processing possibly hours. Actual photographs, maybe 2 minutes.

That said, I enjoy it all.

An accidental photo.

I was setting up my camera on the tripod when I inadvertently touched the remote trigger release, and took a photo.

The funny thing is you can see my shadow with my outstretched arm reaching towards the tripod. My error captured for posterity.

Steven Camley is the cartoonist for The Herald:


He doesn't have a website that I'm aware of, but he is on Twitter:


Camley Cartoons on the same theme.

"This Valentine's say it with flowers."

Defence Secretary Williamson's ludicrous speech is having further serious ramifications.

It is being reported that Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua has cancelled this weekend's trade talks with Chancellor Philip Hammond in protest at Williamson's speech.

Presumably, the Chinese didn't like the bit about sending HMS Queen Elizabeth to the South China Sea.

Labour is red
Tories are blue
The message from Scotland is
We’re staying in the EU!

Pete Wishart MP

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If your marriage is a sham
We'll be on to you

Home Office Tweet
when Theresa May was the Home Secretary

Winston Churchill on women's suffrage

* Women are "well represented by their fathers, brothers and husbands."

* "Women ought not to be treated the same as men... the sooner they are back at their homes the better"

* "Nothing would induce me to vote for giving women the franchise"

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Sunny day after a freezing rain day ☀️

It is common in English to say something is "double Dutch" when it is incomprehensible.

Which is strange as Dutch is probably the foreign language with the closest resemblance to English.

Nice to see the Dutch have a Brexit monster, to warn people of the potential dangers.

Here he is with the Dutch foreign minister, Stef Blok.

Mr Blok is the one standing.

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Since it's #woofday, here is my dog being a sad soft sleepy baby.


I mentioned last week that liked games. He likes cerebral games (more in future), but he enjoys active games, too.

Here he is playing with his ball-in-a-sock game. Oh dear, it has landed on the cheeseboard. 😃

I'd like to dedicate this song to Ian Blackford MP (but directed towards Ian's "friend").

Chuck Berry
"Don't You Lie To Me" (1961)


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