In 1956, singer and political activist, Paul Robeson was banned from travelling outside of the USA, due to McCarthyism. When testifying at HUAC he claimed his 5th Amendment rights, and refused to reveal his political affiliations. Consequently, his movements were restricted.

The following year, to get around this ban, Robeson performed his first Telephone Concert, where he entertained 1,000 concert goers in London, from his base in the USA.

One wee treat I'd forgotten about...
I'm now using Python 3.7 instead of 3.5. Of course, this means all my pip installed packages and my virtualenvs are now broken. Each one (there are dozens of them) has to be upgraded individually.

No matter, I haven't got anything else to do. 🙄

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Another short film about the Declaration of Arbroath, this time in Scots. Presented by Alistair Heather.

This is my second weekend without seeing anyone, not even figures in the distance.

Sure feels strange.

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To-day's walk was up the hill behind the house, along the ridge, and then back home via the river.

Not much sign of spring, yet, but I get the feeling things will be sprouting soon. I did see lots of Fox Moth caterpillars, a first for this year. For some reason I spooked some Sika deer on the other side of the river. They ran off, and hid in the trees.

The green algae was one of the few things producing some vivid colour.

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There are few things in life better than sniffing freshly ground, roasted coffee beans.

I did the upgrade because I needed some more up-to-date packages, and it was an easy way to get the latest Python. However, I'm also noticing the system is much more responsive, apps start faster and operations are quicker. I don't know why, yet, but it is very welcome.

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I sat and watched the package names flash by in the terminal, after doing dist-upgrade twice. I saw quite a few package names where I thought "why did I install that?" I've decided that if I can't remember why I installed them, then I really need a clear-out.

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#Glauberg a #Celtic #oppidum in Hesse, Germany. Reproductions of the statue of the Celtic Prince of Glauberg. Reconstructed burial mounds in the distance

At long last I got around to upgrading my laptop. I moved from Debian Stretch to Devuan Ascii, and then Devuan Beowulf. It all went swimmingly except for losing X11 & networking not working. So, nothing major. 🙄

ufw failed to work due to some options not being recognised by iptables. This was the cause of my network problem.

The X11 permissions problem was solved by using xserver-xorg-legacy.

I'd done the same upgrade with multiple servers without problems. Desktop systems are more complex.

My first politics prediction of 2020 was almost entirely correct:

Starmer wins the Labour leadership election, and Long-Bailey is second, but it wasn't a run-off.

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This is an excellent, short documentary on the Declaration of Arbroath, and about a tapestry created to commemorate the 700th anniversary. It is presented by Lesley Riddoch and includes contributions from Brian Cox, Fiona Watson & Billy Kay.

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Important passages from the Declaration of Arbroath (2)

"But if he [the King of Scots] should cease from these beginnings, wishing to give us or our kingdom to the English or the king of the English, we would immediately take steps to drive him out as the enemy and the subverter of his own rights and ours, and install another King who would make good our defence."

The most radical idea in the DofA, that the people are sovereign and can choose their leadership.

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Important passages from the Declaration of Arbroath (1)

"We do not fight for honour, riches, or glory, but solely for freedom, which no true man gives up but with his life."

Translated into English, from the original medieval Latin.

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Corona-Krise: Schottlands Fischer vor dem Aus | DW | 03.04.2020

Britische Fischer freuten sich über den Brexit: Bald wären sie lästigen EU-Fangquoten los. Dann kam Corona. Der europäische Markt liegt nahezu lahm. Die Fischer stehen ohne Kunden da. Von Alasdair Lane, Fraserburgh.

On April 6th, 1320, the Declaration of Arbroath was signed. It was one of three letters sent to Pope John XXII re-affirming Scotland's status as an independent nation state. This was during the time of Scotland's Wars of Independence.

There were major celebrations planned to mark the 700th anniversary of this crucial event in Scotland's history. However, the lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak, has meant they all had to be cancelled.

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