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Photo from yesterday's

Heather - Fraoch - Calluna vulgaris

Apart from the Spear Thistle, heather is the plant people will readily associate with Scotland. It is abundant.

However, it wasn't always so. There was a time when was mostly forested, & heather had to make do with peripheral areas.

Charcoal, mining & shipbuilding all took their toll on trees. The profusion of 19th century sporting estates was a major factor in the spread of heather.

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This one did not freak out this time and fly away as it usually does when I point my camera at it, likely because of the cold weather.

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An observation from 2017. This log cabin-like structure is the home of a Bagworm Moth caterpillar (Family Psychidae). Spotted during a walk around the gardens of the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Siingapore on 13 May 2017.

On iNaturalist [ ]. More info on this and other 'micro homes' at [ ].

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My favourite fact about #Citizenfour is that it's freely streamable from the public domain because it was used as evidence in a court case.

When we visited our Scottie's Malamute friend, this morning, we discovered they had a robotic lawnmower.

I didn't realise how smart these devices are. When it gets "tired", it follows a cable buried below the lawn surface. The cable leads the robot back to its "kennel". The robot then turns-around, reverses into the kennel and re-charges on a base station.

These are expensive, but they do make a good job cutting the lawn. Our Scottie was intrigued, too.

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We had an encounter on the . There was a Cocker Spaniel coming the other direction. At about 30m distance my decided he didn't like the spaniel and wanted a square-go.

There was much growling and baring of teeth on both sides. Thankfully, both were constrained by leashes.

These encounters always involve other male dogs, but not all male dogs. Go figure!

Superb weather again for today's

Why do I get the feeling we'll "pay" for it in the weeks to come?

My doggie companion came over and sniffed my morning mug of coffee. He immediately sneezed and jumped backwards about 20cm, as if he had been presented with some horrible poison.

Does he know something I don't?

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Today we played in Paradiso Amsterdam.

We managed to make the notoriously loud Amsterdam audience listen in complete silence for the whole set.

Talking of K9...
Here's a photo especially for @inAktion

K9 clearly modelled on a

Weather was fantastic for today's

At one point we were passed by a mountain biker, going in the opposite direction. The biker had a really strong fragrance (deodorant or after-shave or something).

The scent seemed to hang around on the path. After walking another 300m the scent began to fade, until at 400m it was gone.

I wonder if this is what scents are like for .

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Here's a thought. One in every 320 Germans took part in this march, and the BBC are right - that's impressive. One in every 50 Scots took part in #AUOBEdinburgh. Isn't that more impressive?

Mass German rally against far right More than 100,000 people join a march in Berlin in protest at the recent rise in xenophobia.

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Hi. I’m Liz. I am a writer and publisher. Very interested in democratic, non-violent activism, Internet communties and collaboration and Catalan independentism. Yeah and I sew and knit and garden. Based in Barcelona but with half a foot in Massachusetts. #introductions

Paths & autumn colours

No weird weather, today. Cool (about 8°C), no wind & very little rain. The autumn colours have been blown off the trees and scattered onto the footpaths. The two photos show Larch needles and Silver Birch leaves.

I'd chanced upon this because I was researching something, and wanted to see the 1953 Errol Flynn version.

I saw this 1984 version online, and IMDb gave it a 7.2 star rating. I thought it must be worth viewing.

The conclusion: never trust IMDb star ratings.

Oh dear, where do I start with this ?

The Master of Ballantrae (1984)

Any positives? The costumes were colourful.

Although the whole production has an expensive feel, it is also sickly sweet. There should be dark elements in this tale, instead it is like a Saturday afternoon pantomime. Perhaps, all Hallmark Hall of Fame productions are like this one.

Gielgud was nominated for an Emmy, for the life of me I cannot understand why.

I can't recommend this movie, at all.

Classic Robert Louis Stevenson story:

The Master of Ballantrae (1984)

Only 20 minutes into this made-for-TV More on this tomorrow.

Michael York - quite good, so far
Richard Thomas - not John-Boy Walton
Finola Hughes - lovely
John Gielgud - terrible, so far
Timothy Dalton - cringeworthy Irish accent

For some reason the father & two sons are all wearing different tartans.

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