Blàr Chùl Lodair
Battle of Culloden

On this day, 275 years ago, the biggest disaster in Highland history took place on Drummossie Moor, Culloden, near Inverness.

A Highland army, supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie, made the fatal error of fighting a *pitched* battle against the British army, led by Butcher Cumberland.

To-night, I'll be drinking a toast to Rìgh Seumas an t-Ochdamh.

No colours anymore, I want them to turn black
I wanna see it painted, painted black
Black as night, black as coal

That's just me buying clothes online, in my colour of choice.

animal skeleton 

Poor Sheena the Sheep didn't make it through the winter.

Another device to be powered from my "cigarette lighter" socket. That'll keep @kensanata happy.

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Patience* pays off.

I've been wanting a 12v adapter/charger for my ElitePad tablet (, for use in my car, during photo trips.

For a long time I could only find one supplier, who wanted £50 for the device. That seemed a bit expensive, so, I held off purchasing. At the weekend I discovered someone selling it for £17. Result!

* Might actually be procrastination.

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Have you heard about our Community Challenges yet?

These bi-weekly challenges are for you to learn and have fun while making art. Each time, there will be a new topic!

The current challenge's topic is:
(it's on April 22!)

Create a picture and share your work with us.
No prizes, just fun!

Deadline: April 26

More info in our forums at

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Snow again. In April. Well, let's make the most of it. Moving atmosphere and steam power in the shape of a lovely narrow-gauge railway from 1929. #photography #railway

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Here is sketch / painting study of a Wren ( ) for day 2 of bird week (just the topic I'm doing for my studies this week). Took a bit longer on this one.

Painted in Krita.

I've got one of these birds in my garden, they are really cute. #MastoArt #CreativeToots #nature #birds #painting #krita #illustration #art

I love scanning the credits for old movies. I can often spot future stars (or well-known character actors) in bit-parts.

Scottish Parliament Elections

If you've never registered before, or you've recently moved, you should register online, now.

The deadline for registering, enabling you to vote in the Scottish Parliament Elections, is Monday, April 19th.

Your vote could make a difference.

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I just boosted a post, then realised it was from three years ago!

Oh well, the statement was still true.

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@LogicalDash @ajroach42
I don't care about Facebook.

I was here on the net long before The Facebook, 16 years in fact, and will still be here long after it is gone.

Facebook is just a crappy website full of spyware and adware.

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[News] Our plans for PeerTube v4!
By the end of the year, new features focused mainly on experience customization so you can display and discover the videos to your liking.
➡️ h

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@fitheach @bob It's a classic of the cybergorilla genre. I vaguely remember that the plot goes something like: a small boy find some kind of alien artefact in a cave and scientific investigations ensue. The cybergorilla lives in the cave, and is of course narked off with scientists messing with its personal effects. There is a lot of staggering and, of course, screaming.

I think the cybergorrilla eventually gets zapped by some sort of death ray, so it's a sad tale of domestic misunderstandings and extraterrestrial persecution.

Overall, the storyline is superior to many contemporary Hollywood movies, even though the special effects are rudimentary at best.

In the movie publicity the monster was often referred to as Ro-Man, for short.

The invaders destroy all human life on Earth, except for one family. In the best "Beauty and the Beast" tradition, the monster falls in love with the daughter.

As the monsters hold dominion over the whole Earth, you could say it is a new Ro-Man Empire. 😃

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The worst monster in movie history?
Quite probably (unless you know better).

The monster in "Robot Monster" (1953) had a gorilla-like body, and a diving helmet with two TV antennas. The movie poster added the "face" of a human skeleton. The poster also informs us that the monster came from the moon.

I've done it!

After, I don't know how many, years, I've managed to clear my Inbox down to zero messages.

I intend to keep it that way (honest).

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