Furthermore, does it change your opinion of the photo when I tell you that the diagonal shadow was added by Fan Ho, in the darkroom? In reality, the wall didn't have a shadow.


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Does it change your opinion of the photo when I tell you that Fan Ho staged the shot by arranging for his cousin to pose as the human subject?

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This stunning photo was taken by film director, actor and photographer, Fan Ho, in 1954.

Ho was famous for taking candid photos of street life and the city architecture of Hong Kong, in the 1950s and 60s. His striking use of light and shadow, exemplified in "Approaching Shadow", led to him being linked to the Bauhaus art movement.

I've now reached 1985, A View to a Kill.

I'm really beginning to warm to the Duran Duran theme song, better than most others.

I can see why this was Roger Moore's last outing as . He didn't look capable of most of the stunts, and all those dalliances with women young enough to be his daughter is well...

The film plot is also a bit tired. The usual baddie aiming for world domination. Yawn!

To-day, was haircut Sunday.

I've completely lost track whether the barbers is open or not (think, covid19 restrictions). Regardless, as I'm currently working Monday to Saturday, that doesn't leave much scope to get my haircut by a professional. I'm so glad I have my Lockdown hair cutting kit. I even think I'm getting quite good at it. I have developed a system to follow when using the electric clippers and the scissors. I'm even managing to cut whilst viewing in single and double mirrors.

From the archives,
exactly 1 decade ago.

Probably a Veiled Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus dryinus), although I didn't note this at the time. Also edible, like its close relative the Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus).

As I was settling down to photograph this mushroom, a ray of sunshine came through the trees to the forest floor, and nicely highlighted the gills on the underside. A piece of luck.

To answer the question I posed at the top of this thread I hope this is the end of the beginning.

I would say that, as I'm also a glass half-full kind of guy. 😃

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In the last 20 years I've tried all types of photography, and I've enjoyed them all. However it is time to pare down down my interests to just landscape, nature and portraits.

The first two because I'm in one to take shots of the other. That said, I might drop one of those in the future, as the two disciplines are very different.

Portraits is a new endeavor, intended as an activity when the weather precludes outdoor photos. You should expect to see some results in the coming months.


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However, it is impossible to really make your mark in any field of endeavor, when you attempt everything. We all know the old adage about being a jack of all trades, and master of none. A cliché, but none the less true.

This is mostly true because it is difficult to make yourself marketable, when every week you are doing something different.

I need to focus (sic).

I'll use my interest in photography as an example.


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Is it the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

At the start of the year I was hit by a life-changing event. Consequently, there were lots of negatives in my life, but also many positives. One such, of the latter, was the opportunity to (re-)evaluate my future course.

I've always been a magpie, attracted by whatever new, glittery thing I chance upon. Everything can be fascinating. I enjoy constantly learning new things, and I'm usually quite good at it.



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I’ve been raising a bunch of cacti for a dozen years or so and last year we bought three new ones and it’s already flowering. Wow!

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I've done it! :blobcheer:
I've changed the time on the car clock.

Homeward bound.

Shortly after taking the tree photo I decided to head for home. The sky looked ominous. Five minutes after getting home the long-threatened torrential rain started, and it lasted for one hour. I was lucky.

The way home on the northbound A82 trunk road.

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A short walk close to home at the end of what was an amazing day considering it's November.
These looked much better in real life as always but, hey ho, I do my best :)

I saw a huge Cypress tree (sorry, I don't know which one), with a fascinating soft bark. The tree trunk had a diameter of, at least, two metres.

The holes were made by a woodpecker.

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Interesting aside: it has become a tradition that the eldest son (and therefore future clan chief) is always called Donald Cameron.

I suppose it avoids those difficult discussions about which name to choose.

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This is a side view of Achnacarry Castle (actually a grand house with castellated bits), home of the Clan Chief of the Camerons, otherwise known as "Locheil".

Had I continued on the path it would have taken me to the walled garden, and then the backdoor of the castle. I didn't want to disturb the Camerons on a Sunday.

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I took my life into my own hands (feet?) by crossing the bridge, and then coming back again. The bridge walkway was in a very poor condition, and looked likely to collapse at any moment.

I didn't continue on the path because I knew where it would take me.

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