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Darf ich euch Pippa vorstellen? Sieben Wochen alt, ganz bezaubernd. Berufswunsch: Therapiehündin.


May I introduce Pippa to you? Seven weeks old, soooo adorable.
Career aspiration: therapy #dog.
#MastoDogs #DogsOfMastodon

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A while ago I noticed a white rabbit on a gatepost:

I assumed it was accidently left, and then placed on the gatepost. However, a second white rabbit has appeared on the other gatepost. Something intriguing is going on.

"They pull a knife,
you pull a gun.

He sends one of yours to the hospital,
you send one of his to the morgue.

That's the Chicago way!"

Sorry. Typo in previous post. The individual 500ml bottles were 64p per litre.

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Bubble water economics.

Four-pack of 2 litre bottles of carbonated water: 14p per litre.

Six-pack of 500ml bottles of carbonated water: 34p per litre.

The same 500ml bottles sold individually, at the checkout, were 65p per litre.

This was at Aldi, but, I'm sure all the supermarkets will price in a similar manner.

Hieland Coos are a road-traffic hazard.

Stage 1 of Project Bubblewater has been achieved.

Procurement of a large (22.4kg gross) CO2 gas bottle. This will probably be enough bubbles to last for years. The cylinder is from BOC, one of the largest suppliers of gas in the UK.

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So, Nicola has fired the starting gun for the next independence referendum.

About time, too.

I've decided I need to start eating my way through my covid *emergency* supplies.

However, I don't know why I bought so many tins of tuna in brine, I really don't enjoy it. 🙄

"Hail To The Chief"

The US presidential anthem was taken from a Walter Scott narrative poem (Lady of the Lake), and a traditional Scots Gaelic melody.

Hail to the chief, who in triumph advances,
Honour'd and blessed be the evergreen pine!
While every Highland glen,
Sends our shout back again
"Roderigh Vich Alpine Dhu, ho! i-e-roe!"

Some turnaround in the weather. Just a few days ago it was 28°C, with the sun splitting the sky.

To-day it was 10°C, lashing rain and a howling gale. Weather in the , huh?

I've often wondered how would react to a cat. To-day, I found out.

We were disembarking from the car when Gruoch saw the grey and white pussy. She went after it like a rocket. The cat escaped through a small gap in the back gate. Another few metres and the cat would've been a goner. The cat is probably down to eight lives.

I'll speak to the neighbours (the cat had a collar), but, they won't be able to control where the cat wanders. Hopefully, the cat won't come to the house again.

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This is going to be a long-term project.

The cheapest bubble water at the supermarket (Aldi) is 4x2 litre bottles at £1.15. That is roughly 14p per litre. I'll use that as my guide price.

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Hmmm, sellers on Ebay are providing 6.35kg CO2 cylinders for £20.

Now if only I could connect one of those to my old Sodastream.

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