Happy 70th Birthday,
Olivia Newton-John

Born 26 September 1948

Although she had a few hits beforehand, the singer, songwriter and actress became an international star when she appeared with John Travolta in the hit musical "Grease" in 1978. She went on to sell around 100 million records.

Olivia has recently disclosed that the cancer she has been battling for many years has returned.


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Found this stamp in the house...

The stamp was produced to mark the UK joining the European Economic Community in 1973. The existing members were: Belgium, France, W. Germany, Italy, Luxembourg & Netherlands.

In 1973 Denmark, Ireland & UK joined, hence the 9 jigsaw pieces.

Will Royal Mail be producing a stamp next year, where that top-left jigsaw piece is ripped-out & thrown away?

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With it being so cold I didn’t see many insects out, but the sun was shining and I saw a few catching the morning rays and warming up ready for the day ahead.

#photography #macro

In a lovely piece of irony, Europe's first ever violation notice has been served on a Canadian analytics firm that campaigned for .

The Register is reporting that AggregateIQ is facing a potential €20 million fine. The article also links the firm to the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Crimes against humanity No. 137

Buying salami from the supermarket, and then finding they sliced it, without taking the peel off, first.

Labour's People's Vote strategist has been revealed.

Deal or No Deal.

Hot on the heels of the anti-democratic "no more (Scottish) referendums" idea, chair of Labour's NEC, Andy Kerr, makes an anti-Catholic joke, live on TV.

Way to go, . Who are you going to alienate next?

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A Sunda Colugo (Galeopterus variegatus) spotted at Windsor Nature Park, Singapore, on 22 Sept 2018.

The colugo is a nocturnal gliding mammal. In the daytime, you may see them resting by clinging to tree trunks. With luck, you might see a female with an infant tucked securely inside the skinfold, peeking out at you.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/1 ]

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spent half the day yesterday exploring old distros from the late ‘90s. here’s a photo of really old KDE running on Mandrake 5.1 with Netscape on archive.org. we also tried Redhat 5 with fvwm, but it seemed really broken on our hardware

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Ich war heute im "Kuriosen Muschelmuseum", und es war toll! Selten etwas so Wissenschaftliches gesehen (siehe Muschelnamen) 😊

All three photos taken yesterday, from the same bush.

Tutsan - Meas an Tuirc-Coille - Hypericum androsaemum

The berries start yellow-green, grow to full-size, turn red and finally become black when fully ripe. The plants can grow up to 1m high, and are found all over the . Member of the St. John's Wort family.

Strangely, the plant is widely used for medicinal purposes, yet almost all parts of it are toxic to humans (particularly the berries).

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Suppose, after #Brexit, with the economy in free fall, there's a general election which elects @UKLabour as the UK government, but @theSNP win a majority of Scottish seats. That seems credible, yes?

Then the First Minister goes to UK gov and says 'I have a mandate to call a second #indyref', and UK gov replies 'we have a mandate to block you, permanently'. Where do we go then? We're into the #Catalonia situation. >>>

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'Constellation' means something different to the public and to astronomers!

A constellation, in formal astronomy usage, is a specific area of sky delimited by right ascension and declination. (analogous to latitude and longitude). There are 88 modern constellations.

A recognizable pattern of stars is called an 'asterism'. An asterism can be contained within a constellation, or across multiple ones.

Example: the Big Dipper is an asterism, but the constellation is Ursa Major.

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The final one in my "great #coffee of #Kyoto" mini-series, this was this morning in Café KOTO, in Kyoto station. The coffee is almost an afterthought next to the fabulous red bean paste on toast, but it is actually quite good, and look how they brew it!

The Vetches are climbing plants. They have tendrills which curl as they grow. Any adjoining plants will get caught by these curling tendrills and the vetch will get pulled-up as the other plant grows.

If there are no (larger) adjoining plants the vetch will remain recumbent (growing flat).

A late flowering pea family member.

Bush Vetch - Peasair nam Preas - Vicia sepium

Two photos taken today. Fairly late flowering, but they do sometimes appear as late as November. There are many varieties of vetch & some are very common, as they used to be planted as fodder for livestock. Bush Vetch are among the smallest at ~40cm, and flowers ~5mm across.

Just like peas they produce seeds encased inside pods.

This morning I noticed a distinct lack of midgies. The cold must've reduced their numbers.

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