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Catching up with some podcasts, while making dinner. One was TalkPython on .

Some great advice and excellent suggested resources. Essential listening for anyone using .

I might have a late night, as I have a few things to check 😞

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Looking like a hard #brexit after all...

I am so glad that I took German citizenship last year. The thought of having to rely on a British tory government to do right by me an mine brings me out in a cold sweat.

Good luck UK! You are going to need it.

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Inspired by @kensanata I went gophering using Lynx.

It's like 1998, all over again. Good fun, though.

You can start your exploring at:
(you'll need port 70 open)

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House no. 69 on the street. Nice touch with the double Debian logos...

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I didn't notice the uninvited guest, perched near the top of the orchid, when I took the photograph.

You could say this is a bug report 😃

New this morning.

Selecting one letter ("m") in the browser address bar has all suggested sites populated with my links.

Mastodon has arrived 😃

Demolition Derbies look a lot less fun, nowadays.

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So, train Hotel and Hols are organised for the Nordic Film Days in Lubeck.

This has become one of my favourite events of the year. Such a great atmosphere!

If I mentioned orchids your first thought might be (correctly) tropical rainforests. We might not have the diversity of genera in the Highlands, but orchids are surprisingly common.

Common Spotted Orchid - Urach bhallach - Dactylorhiza fuchsii

There is an uninvited guest in the photo, can you spot it?

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"Police are continuing to search for a paragliding protester who broke through the no-fly zone surrounding Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf resort on Friday evening, to fly past the US president as he entered the hotel."

"Despite efforts to keep protesters away from the presidential party, the paraglider flew past police snipers and in front of the hotel, apparently in view of the president, trailing a banner reading ': well below par '."

The more I see these kind of recommendations for server applications, the more I want to standardise on Devuan.

[My emphasis]

*Plenty* wrong with Trump, but this isn't one of them:

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Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

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> I would like to remove myself entirely from the decision process. [ . . . ] I'm basically
giving myself a permanent vacation from being BDFL, and you all will be on
your own.

> I am not going to appoint a successor.


After 27 years of service, Guido is forcing #python governance to grow up. Probably better now than later, while Guido is still a fallback option if the experiment fails.

> So what are you all going to do? Create a democracy? Anarchy? A
dictatorship? A federation?

It'll be interesting to see.

The Time Is Now
is also a really catchy wee song from Moloko

Show me adverts if you want, I don't block them.

However, don't spout nonsense about "tracking technologies" improving my "browsing experience".

Bye, bye!

[The statement is honest, at least.]