Last night I received my first midgie bites of the year.

Highland midgie -Meanbh-chuileag - culicoides impunctatus

I hereby announce that I will NOT be venturing outside again until the first frosts in September/October.

That's a bit early in the year for midges, I don't usually expect much from them until after May.

I'd say the second half of May would be a normal start time of the midgie season. The prolonged period of warmish weather has probably contributed to the early start.

I'm not happy.

@fitheach I had no idea that you have biting flies there. It ruins the whole romance of the place.

You're not kiddin'. As the name implies they are really small, but make your existence miserable in the summer.


Nasty little beggars. In many ways similar to mosquitoes.

Do they bit like mosquitoes (drill in and pump in drilling fluid (anti-coagulant) and siphon it out) or like black flies that bite out a chunk and then drink from the resulting puddle of blood?

Very much like mini mosquitoes. They have a protuberance that sticks into you and sucks the blood. Only the females, a blood meal is needed to produce the offspring.

@fitheach Just the same as mossies then.
Mosquitoes have a straw within a straw with one pumping anti-coagulant (this is what causes the itching and irritation later) and the other sucking the blood.
Also, the females fly silently. When ppl are driven nuts by a buzzing mosquito in the room at night fearful of being bitten - it's a non-biting males trying to attract a female.

@fitheach How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look

More sophisticated explanation in a video 3 min 17 sec:

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