The original Apple Computer logo (pic 1), depicting Isaac Newton sitting below an apple tree. The logo was designed by Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne. This logo was only used for one year (1976-77).

In 1977 it was replaced by the "rainbow" logo (pic 2), which was in use for 21 years. This logo, famously, became the subject of a long-running trademark dispute with the Beatles who also used an apple logo. The lawsuit was settled in 2007.


Ronald Wayne was only with Apple Computer for twelve days, whereupon he sold his 10% share, for $800, back to Jobs & Wozniak.

A year after this he accepted another $1,500 to renounce any future claim on the company.

When you consider the value of Apple Inc. now, that must be considered as one of the worst ever business deals.

@fitheach @tsturm he got $2300 in 1970s money for 12 days. That actually seems pretty darn good. Could he have gotten rich off that 10%? Yes, but I think I’d take that deal adjusted for inflation for any random startup I could help along.

@edebill @[email protected]
Of course, but (there's always a but) it does make me wonder what he was hoping to get out of the venture, bailing out after 12 days was pretty quick. I've never read any histories of Apple Inc., so there might be some logical explanation or a big conspiracy.

That said Ronald must have looked back on that day and rued his decision. Like not buying the lottery ticket the week your numbers come up.


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