Particularly abundant on felled woodland areas, rocky waste ground, and often where you don't want them.

Common foxglove - Lus nam ban-sìth - Digitalis purpurea

They are a biennial, producing downie leaves only in the 1st year and the easily recognisable flowers in the 2nd year. Grows up to 235cm.

The Gaelic common name suggests they are for the women fairyfolk rather than gloves for foxes.

I took the photo because I was on @GwenfarsGarden 's Foxglove Challenge. It is for the same reason that I was so specific about the maximum height of 235cm. See this thread for details:

@fitheach Love the little pattern , love to see that close up!

I'm always amazed at the extra detail close up photos reveal. Flowers aren't made for us, they are usually made for insects who operate on a different scale.

@fitheach yeah, I love my macro lens, though I need to get better with it. Like to have a bit better one so I don't have to be soooooo close, but that's a low priority

@fitheach This what I have

Id like to at least try the 50 mm one. Though tbh, I've not researched it enough to talk intelligently about it.

just the one I have would be hard to capture butterflies or insects as I'd need to be so close I'd scare them.

Perhaps a zoom lens can do the same tho, never really thought too deeply.

That looks like a pretty decent macro lens. 9.5 cm doesn't seem too bad for flowers. I can understand that might scare insects.

I have one of these:
almost identical specs to yours.

I also have a 50mm & 60mm macro lenses.

@fitheach yeah, it's pretty good, I need to get better at using it though! Hard to find that sweet spot with focus for me, but can't say I've taken the time I need to practice either

Do you have something like Live View on the Sony?

@fitheach yes it does have that. I find the screen/viewfinder hard you see when outside. Any tricks for that?

My screen tilts, which is useful. If that still doesn't sort the problem I can still look through the viewfinder.

Also the Live View has zoom magnifications from 2x to 10x. That is super useful for flower macro shots.

@fitheach Well I'm just finding this now, after over a year, lol. Only seems to have two increments, but I didn't know it had any.

Thank you!

@fitheach the Dutch common name is vingerhoedskruid: vinger - finger, hoed - hat, vingerhoed - thimble, kruid - plant or herb. So "thimbleplant" would be the direct and charming translation.

The botanical name includes "digitalis" which is "of the fingers". Fingers would be a better fit than the paw of a fox. 😉

@fitheach @anne

in galician is called "estalote" (with some local variations), something like "buster", you can make it "explode" by closing its hole and smashing it in your hand or forehead 😅 It's an old kids enjoyment

I didn't know that, I'll need to try. Usually when the flowers fall off naturally there is a hole at both ends. Maybe you need to pinch them off to get an explosion.

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