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Do I know anyone who is, or knows a good electrical engineer, willing to help design a #MechanicalKeyboard or two (or three...), and take them to mass production?

Position available for residents of Europe. Remote or local in Valencia, Spain.

Boosts appreciated. Feel free to poke me for more information either here or via email at [email protected]

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Building Blocks, 2014 portrait created with carved wood, single light source, and shadow by Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita #womensart t.co/0JUsNmaJl8

Replaced the battery in my 2.5 yr old cell phone this weekend, with the help of . It's amazing!

My phone lasted all day again, with plenty of charge, instead of dying halfway through my morning. Definitely worth the $12 for the battery, and now I have a heat gun.

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$ sudo apt install beancount fava
i.e., both #Beancount and #Fava are now available in #Debian unstable; they should hit testing in a couple of days

Finally started working on a replacement for Debian's vim-addon-manager - salsa.debian.org/vim-team/dh-v

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People running successful open source projects: what do you do when the rate of PRs grows beyond what you can handle? How do you ensure that PRs have had at least one collaborator respond, without being drowned in notifications/emails yourself?

Please RT for reach.


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