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Conclusion is that : DNS over https is not good for privacy. It is moving DNS to cloud. So be careful if you are using

The solution to the privacy paradox is convenience. People want convenient products that respect them by default, that they can trust will not exploit them, that allow them to participate in digital society with peace of mind, knowing they are in complete control. #purism #libremone

We've gotten some questions as to whether @purism laptops are vulnerable to TPM-Fail. We use a different chipset for our TPM so our laptops don't appear to be vulnerable.

Imagine being able to work on a passion project for a year without having to worry about finances.

This is a dream, I can find another job but I can't buy the support and progress that Pixelfed has!

Y'all mean a lot to me, and together we will build a better photo sharing alternative ❤️

Umm... No thanks, Amazon.
Big platforms are always looking for ways to profit from people’s private information, including kids. Follow the link to learn how to protect your children’s privacy:

You might enjoy this talk more if you've watched the Black Mirror series which we cannot recommend highly enough... It includes passages from Žižek's forthcoming book provisionally entitled Hegel in a Wired Brain... It's as though he's talking about the Black Mirror series in relation to Elon Musk's concept of Neuralink herein...

Slavoj Žižek on Digital Technologies and the Human Mind

@pixelfed I am creating collection and I did add photo which I want to remove before publish. How to remove that photo from collection preview? thanks

Privacy toggles or other tools cannot undo damages and remove tracking that lies in the first place in your #smartphones!
The #privacybydesign approach in @e_mydata
changes the game with no scanning or tracking. None!
Available for @OnePlus

The first Librem 5 smartphones are shipping “This is a big moment, not just for us as a company, but for everyone concerned about issues of privacy, security, and user freedom. The Librem 5 represents years of work, building the software and hardware required to make this phone a reality.” - Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of #Purism #Librem5 #Librem5Aspen #Linux #LinuxPhone #LinuxMobile #GNOME #FOSS

People have asked us in the past, why can I trust ProtonMail? This is a vital question because your email provider safeguards some of your most sensitive data. Here are some of our thoughts on ProtonMail and trust:

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