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I don't know if it as been tooted here but i found this video of a A Swiss wind-up fan from the 1910s. A spring motor provided a light breeze lasting about 30 minutes These were built for tropical countries and areas without electricity.


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This shows app trackers blocked by Advanced Privacy since I upgraded to /e/OS v1 💪

26761 micro-targetting blocages on June 12! 😲

Everyone should have this kind of feature on his smartphone 🤳

#degoogled #smartphones

@murena @e_mydata

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A universe in motion seen from the International Space Station during a night pass over Earth.

#ISS #Universe #Earth #space

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Data protection: Microsoft 365 banned in Baden-Württemberg’s schools!

As we have seen in BW, in time it’s a likely prediction that more states in Germany and in countries abroad will follow suit and look for a suitable, GDPR-compliant solution. Read more!

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Stolen from my old downloaded memes folder (I don't think I posted this one yet)

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Very impressed with the performance of Wireguard even on a less than €4/month VPS with 2 VCPUs and 2MB RAM.

(The first set of iperf3 results is without Wireguard, the second with.)

#wireguard #vpn #vps #performance

Here is the document. It is long but worth reading, because it describes the most sophisticated mass surveillance machinery ever deployed outside of China and the USSR. Not an exaggeration.



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Don’t say “there are no alternatives” when what you really mean is “I can’t be bothered to use the alternatives.”


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Would you be interested in attending a virtual town hall meeting to voice your feedback/opinions to help shape our project?

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed

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Ukraine conflict: 'Russian soldiers raped me and killed my husband' - BBC News

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General publicity is learning about trackers in apps and sites and complicated situation with legislation around it. I wonder if this will do any change to privacy online, even the small one.

Data Brokers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

looks that from is not supporting of it is just me and doing something ?

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So is very important to me. And especially in , by building up , we have a very decisive lever not only for the fertility of , but also for the .
I therefore find regenerative vegetable cultivation absolutely welcome!

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“What comes after the hashtags?”

Europe spends €700,000,000 of your money each day to fund Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“You seem to value only money. And right now we’re literally dying for democracy…”

For shame, Europe, for shame. Watch this. Share this. Do something.


just watch very good discussion

The Future of Monero & Private Money w/ Douglas Tuman


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In our latest newsletter 📰
- Murena T2e📱 is now available for order in the EU🇪🇺 and the USA 🇺🇸
- Our team has been hard at work to improve compatibility with Android apps! 💪

Read all those stories online in 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇮🇹


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@aral @sl007

My attempt to make the above 👆video both available w/ Russian and English captions:

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