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Watch "Standing Only Soba Restaurant: A Cool Looking Standing Soba Restaurant By The Train Crossing" on YouTube youtu.be/sRrbuQ0-0iY

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It’s time to break our broken phone habit. 📱💥

What if your next phone could last 10 years?

Check out the #10YearPhone powered by @[email protected] 🙌

➡️ 10yearphone.com

RT @[email protected]


Are you ready to say hello to the next generation of smartphones 👋 and bye to throw-away products?

Meet the new #10YearPhone 📱

Pre-order yours now - join the next gen 👩‍🚀


🐦🔗: twitter.com/R2REurope/status/1

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And now... India

"Google is guilty of adopting anti-competitive, unfair, and restrictive trade practices with regards to its smartphone operating system and the other components related to it"



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Who are the different organisations that make FairTEC?

The fact is, the longer you keep your smartphone, the smaller it's environmental footprint.

Fairphone is challenging the industry by creating smartphones that are sustainable, ethical and built to last.

Fairphone is a proud FairTEC member. Find their offering at www.fairtec.io


Discover more: bit.ly/2LrI82r

school is going to teach my children how to use email, super 🙂

but of course children needs to have email account for that, what teacher do? creating gmail for them because it cost nothing and its is easy 😞

so I am going talk about emails with my children before school do that. And probably we will create protonmail account.

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PixelFed has just reached 50k users on 186 instances! 🥳

If you haven't tried it yet, you can find out more from the official site at:


It's a Fediverse alternative to Instagram, and federates with Mastodon etc. so millions of people across the Fediverse can follow PixelFed accounts.

PixelFed has an unofficial Android app called @PixelDroid. It's currently in beta testing, you can get it from F-Droid:


If you don't have F-Droid yet, here are instructions on how to install it:


#FediTips #Fediverse #PixelFed #PixelTips #PixelDroid #Android #Apps #Instagram #Alternatives

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#Fairphone was founded on a disruptive idea — that care for people and planet should be a natural part of doing business. Take a look as we openly share the benchmarks we set and the progress we’ve made 🌍 💚 : bit.ly/3dnTkrY

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We did take ride on wood boat called plt on river Dunajec.

1) starting point, they prepated boats and we prepare for 1 and half hour ride
2) joy from driving
3) there are two guys driving a bout. He is talking about peak tri koruny which is behind him.
4) preparing for corner
5) preparing for corner
6) there is raft behind us and nice view of rocks around the river
7) another peaks around the river
8) we took 8km hike to back and had some very nice views
9) we took 8km hike to back and had some very nice views
10) another day we took hike along the river dunajec, quite have trafic ...

#pieniny #plte #Dunajec #boat #river #rafting #slovakia #hike #nature #trip
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Red monastery garden with wiev to peak Tri koruny.
Monestry is in Slovakia and peak Tri koruny (three crown) is in Poland.

#slovakia #cervenyklastor #pieniny #churh #monastery #3crown #poland
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Inside of church in red monastery.
If you are in slovakia in Pieniny national park which is close to poland border take a visit a monastery.

#slovakia #cervenyklastor #pieniny #churh #monastery
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/e/ develops and sells de-googlised Android smartphones. You can follow at:

➡️ @e_mydata

Their website is at e.foundation and their phone shop is at esolutions.shop

The /e/ version of Android can also be self-installed onto your existing device.

One of the models with /e/ preinstalled is the @Fairphone, which is built as ethically as possible (fair wages & working conditions, recycled materials etc).

#EFoundation #Fairphone #Android #Smartphones #Hardware #FOSS #Privacy

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I wrote an article about #PinePhone and the #Fairphone for The Reboot:


It discusses #FOSS, environmental and labor issues, and good old-fashioned distro hopping.

@PINE64 @Fairphone

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