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"I'm the most militaristic person ever."

Who could have possibly said this? Certainly some crazy dictator of some totalitarian regime?

You guessed it! 😂

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American army: Fights wherever they can.
France army: Mostly the same with most focus on Africa?
China army: Helps fighting the corona-virus.
Japanese Self-Defense Forces: Builds their own snow sculpture.


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So the Coronavirus was probably passed from animals to humans at a wild-animal-market.

Why is it that I haven't read a single take on the animal rights aspect of this? Can we not just leave animals alone? Both animals and humans would clearly profit.

#Corona #Coronavirus #vegan

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Last release of uBlock Origin rejected from google chrome webstore for BS reason "not complying with webstore policy". Gorhill (main dev taking privacy seriously unlike uBlock and adblock devs) won't bother trying to push back. He's right. Just don't bother with chrome. Time to drop support.

Switch away from chrome if you didn't already. A browser where blocking ads at a technical level is made harder and harder, and now this kind of barrier...

#ublock #chrome #google

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@codewiz Dororo's mom and adopted dad at the end of the last episode:

@codewiz do you have any recommendations for keeping files in sync between multiple servers? syncthing, git-annex, something else? Choice overload:

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@jeeves Mastodon has a single-column web UI now, and it's the default for new users:

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