Is there any way to watch on with better bitrates than on browser? Windows on VM is a bit heavy handed workaround.

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To everyone who is interested in #UbuntuTouch, #UbPorts, #LinuxPhone :

There is a new group on Mastodon: @ubuntutouch

Follow the group to get all group posts.

Share your post with the group by tagging the group name.

Tip: The #Mastodon "Lists" feature is handy to see group posts. Create a list for @ubuntutouch and "+pin" the list.

Please boost this toot!

#VollaPhone #PinePhone #UbuntuPhone #Fairphone #Ubuntu #Linux #Librem5 #PostmarketOS #NemoMobile #KaiOS #PlasmaMobile @ubports

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will likely pass a new law tomorrow which allows anyone from law enforcement to install spyware on computers, phones and smart devices a mere personal suspicion that a crime may have been or be committed. No warrant required.

Europeans may want to think hard about their options for full disk encryption, boot chain integrity and so on. Most distributions have good options.

4:15 on Thursday morning, listening to music, installing Arch Linux, eating candy.. This is life :) :archlinux:

And now, just a few minutes after.. a new Proton version 4.11-10 which now seems to have the mf stuff within it, since after deleting the old prefix and starting the game to create a new prefix, the game just started without any issues.

Great timing! 👍

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Don't fix it if it works. Like I did.. again. Not the first time, and probably not the last. 🙂

This time I "fixed" a working install of Children of Morta, there was a new version of mf-install script and I thought I'll update my install with the latest mf stuff. Without taking a backup of the current prefix. How else..

Now it's broken and I cannot get it to work at all anymore. At least the rumours say that there will be a Proton version that has the mf stuff within it.

I need an alarm clock or similar for !

Something I can tell to play an .ogg file when it's 22:45 for example. Or flash the screen a few times with some beeps.

I probably even have something like that installed already and not even know it.. Wouldn't be the first time. 😃

Ideas are welcome!

All glory to the Hypnotoad!

@angristan What are the guidelines or limits of posting pictures in here? (Size, resolution, amount per day)

I have read the general rules page when signing up.

Not planning on mass posting or anything like that, just asking out of interest.

Electrolux ZB5022 stick vacuum mini-review.

It's for floors only. It has a motorized rotating brush and leds to light up the floor in front of it. Battery life was good, I never timed it but it never run out on me. But I didn't use it as a main vacuum for the apartment. The suction was good enough with the brush and it worked well for upkeep and spot cleaning.

Then, right after the warranty run out (24 month), the battery died completely and a new battery costs 100€. Vacuum costed 180€ as new.

Finally finished , it is an excellent game and I'm looking forward to the next one, 'Below Zero'.

But for now I think the next one might be 'The Witcher 3'. I do have the Witcher 2 as well but the 3 has had some very good reviews so I guess I'll start there. As an alternative there is 'Divinity: Original Sin 2' and 'No Man's Sky'.

Then again.. I haven't finished 'Children of Morta' yet.. And I want 'Stardew Valley' too.. So many games to play, so few hours in a day..

Which instance to go for? I'd like something that is kept up to date and reliable.

Just go for the biggest one in terms of users, Hosted at Cloudflare, should I be worried or happy about that? Will there be a pile of tracking cookies on top of the instance provided free of charge by Cloudflare?

I need a :raspberry_pi: in my life, as a for starters. I'm sure I'll come up with a few other uses for it.

My main worry is the cooling and case for it. I hear Flirc case should be good at cooling the cpu, but I haven't seen anything about how hot the memory and usb controller will be as they have no cooling with that case.

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