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I also have a GnuPG / PGP / GPG key available via

Key ID: 0BF6 EA97 BC5E 9EB2 2A1C 0942 7BD5 47CD E4B5 BD57

[new key 6.Oct.2019]

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Grab the Snap of Polar, a powerful offline browser for #Linux to manage web content, books, and notes. @[email protected] keeps your content in one place, with tags, annotations and keeps track of your reading progress πŸ“š πŸ“–

snap install polar-bookshelf

For a brief history of ZZT and a book recommendation (I'll be buying it) try DavidXNewtons part1 story of EPIC:

CREEPER magazine No1 cover : Skull, glowing eyes, etc. 

A while back I mentioned using DOS emulation as a way to make crossplatform games, and linked to a few game creation systems for DOS.

Today's find: KevEdit, a ZZT editor (for the ZZT unaware, think Nethack but with colors and ascii animations) nicely reviewed by DrDOS at

The editor is available via Github:

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We are pleased to find that is once again able to handle images and other media content after a day of downtime this weekend. Good job admin.

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if (like me) you ever wondered whatever happend to the top-level domains of former eastern bloc states:
.dd (east germany): withdrawn in 1990, never used "on the net", just in university networks
.su (soviet union): still in use, even though it probably shouldn't be, ~117.000 domains
.yu (yugoslavia): deleted in 2010, ~4000 domains vanished
.cs (czechoslovakia): deleted in 1995, 114 domains vanished

and yea... still can't upload the image (getting a "500 server error")

Anyone looking for something to read, and want to support the indy's, check CREEPER MAGAZINE.

"Weird crime, conspiracies, paranoia, folklore, the occult, modern myth, bizarre philosophy, fringe tech and genre-exploding fiction. CREEPER is the sort of magazine that could never exist in the mainstream, so we had to make it ourselves."

(Thank you to @lefarfadet for spotting that the original link from the magazine cover was broken...)

I'd post the cover but for some reason it seems like it won't let me upload the picture... (under 500kb jpg)

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RT @[email protected]

πŸ‘‹ Hey, we've got a new plugin!

The CC Search Browser Extension is an #opensource, lightweight #plugin that can be installed by anyone with an updated @[email protected], @[email protected]com or @[email protected] web browser to find CC-licensed and #publicdomain works.

(It's awesome.😎)

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Trusted Memory Zone Support Coming To AMD APUs in Linux Kernel 5.6. The GPU will be able to encrypt and control its shared system memory leaving the CPU out in the cold. This is DRM, preventing users from accessing their own computer memory.

gah! all I want is a html enabled newsletter that stores the email in an online html/css styled archive and generates an RSS feed containing the whole email as well... and is something I can host myself so I don't have to use a service that will suddenly close its doors in 3 years.

I'm asking for too much. I know.

none know how to get GNU Mailman to archive the HTML version of the mail rather than the plain text? I know - safety etc but have a thong I want to play with but need that function first. :/

So, there are some places online that offer community and free webhosting without adverts and other BS...

GeoCities, and the TILDE clubs. Anyone know of any other examples? It just such a joy to see these places and the people that make up their genuine communities! :D

For the enthusiast I recommend having a look at

It got its starting inspiration from the 90s Serial Experiments Lain but has so much more goodness to offer!

They also host their site on Neocities (the Geocities spiritual successor). Which is cool.

happy new year :blobrainbow:
on to the 20s. hope they turn out better this time than last time.

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