So I'll be stepping back from online for a while. May stop by for a look now and then but life is too busy at the moment.

It's been fun. See you all around.

even after all these years - still got my first Gameboy and first game... the Gameboy has some issues but have a color replacement. :)

Hm... I'm not binary-literate... and I'm trying to work out the maximum amount of time that can be counted in 16 bits (essentially Y2k38 / Unix Y2K but for 16bit instead of 32 bit)...

Anyone care to chime in? 😅


At S04E05 and damn! Rufus Sewell can act!

Another bit of art (dark vaporwave - some NSFW) is Lordess Foudre. Found via Warren Ellis.

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Good morning (8:04, up since 6:30).

The web page design, colors, the art... its very hard to find anything to dislike about LORE's page. The desert inspired art is also great. :D

On this cold friday morning, have some looping vapour net-art.

Robin Sloan continues to intrigue with his game design dev series. The latest post deals with writing and is so good! Even for the writer with no interest in game making. :D

I know I shouldn't complain about a free app -- but READER (best feed reader app I've found on Android) just went back on its word. Originally it was marketed as "free and free of ads, for ever" but now has ads up the wazoo.

Moved on to Aggregator. It has more features etc.

For fans of "repetitive task games" (Papers Please or anything by Zachtronics) - have a quick look at "LIMBS" a free in-browser game where you repair cybernetic hands.

Noen i / som vet hvor man kan få kjøpt Hi Uni blyanter / ? Trenger noen 2B men ikke søren om jeg finner noen butikker som selger de. :/

another good one is Yahtzee's Dev Diary being released via the The Escapist channel on YouTube (he is making 12 games in 12 months).

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for the out there, why aren't you sub's to Robin Sloan's newsletter following the development of his latest game in Ink.

Written and Directed by Michael Shanks.
Produced by Chris Hocking, Nicholas Colla, LateNite Films

The special effect creatures of yore, trying to keep their careers going in the modern world.

A fantastic bit of hybrid stop animation well worth a watch.

For anyone wanting some good music (with a good offering of non-US materials): My Analog Journal on YT.

Plays themed selections of vinyl. Just listened to the last bit of Italian Rhythms with Francesco. Chill, yet riveting. 🎶

may have been calling my mom too much
.. now insisting on social distancing via Skype... :p

playing the pandemic boardgame with family... tone deaf or funny... we shall see.

On the bright side, he 14 day quarantine of my village means I get to catch up on newsletters... and do some more indieweb surfing. :D

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The InternetArchive blog post about history, mythology, games and other educational offerings for the kids unable to go to school due to the ongoing issues.

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