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I also have a GnuPG / PGP / GPG key available on

Key ID: 8752 8431 598C 52F4 F548 FBD6 8A96 D8DC A131 E9B9

So... I just lost the whole harddrive to some form of encryption mistake. Essentially a new harddrive was needed. sigh. Guess it proves that old adage: You don't have a backup system until you try restoring from it.... turns out restoring didn't work.

At least the new backup system works as it's been tested both ways from Sunday. :)

Actually started reading books in Norwegian again.. .feels odd... but satisfying.

Except now I have to put down the book and figure out why my main laptop decided to brick itself... refuses to boot to linux, goes into some sort of recovery shell instead. sigh..

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So apparently there is a boatload of public domain (according to the USA) books no one knew about... Seems right down your alley, no?

And they even made a bot that is slowly tooting its way through the works! :D

When Warren Ellis decided to quit publishing on I went hunting for one of his other online hidey holes (he seems to be quite spread out and sporadic) and found this:
Still a bit sad that appears to now be dead.

A reporter was trying to de-FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) life:
One of the issues was how to send large files without googledrive etc. Their solution? Onion Share

I'm half tempted to just copy it for my own.. but knowing me it's not "large" enough for all the bits I'll be putting in there.😅

How about some weird/lovecraftian public information posters set in the never-ending-1970s-dimension of Norther England?

Bird Site 

Anyone can spin up a virtual machine these days using some clever software. Heck, Good Old Games (buy today! DRM free! Yes I'm a fan) built their early business on old Dos games ready to play on modern machiens (by bundling DosBox with the files). Then there is the Z-Machine, the insane virtual machine that powered Infocom's text adventures across platforms!

Big thanks to @ajroach42 -- so happy he mentioned the CGA jam
Which reminds me of The Eternal Castle (Remastered). A CGA styled game that looks amazing (thou4gh the fake marketing pitch about it being a remake of a long lost game feels a little... marekty/hoodwink-esq):

Some times you just need a quick chatroom for a thing (I used one to send all the links from my phone to my computer... just because). Don't know about their claims of anonymity, security, etc. but still a neat thing:

For the mechanical keyboard enthusiast, custom artistic keys for your keyboard:

Right, back to the link dump. Much more to come.

As mentioned in the beginning posts of this "tootnado", the wayback machine is a brilliant way to make sure you don't loose sites when the server goes down, the whole system is re-finagled so all links break or other such things. Then there is the Permanent URL service, also by The Internet Archive:

At the start of the day: 122
Now: 89
Slowly working my way through the newsletters that have piled up in the inbox over the last few months. So much goodness. >D

Long live The Republic of Newsletters!

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@ajroach42 I'm working toward going full indie as a novelist. I'm waiting for the rights to my last novel to revert to me so that I can prep and release new editions and sell them directly from my website.

My own site is fairly minimalistic and simple (ok--yes--there is some cruft), but damn, I'm falling in love with Ingrid Burrington's

Such an incredibly simple design and layout yet filled with personality and a joy to navigate. It feels like reading a good book somehow. :D

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