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So I guess now that mastodon survived the hype I can join too... 🤔

We’ve directed to sell Giphy after finding the takeover could reduce competition between social media platforms and increase Facebook’s already significant market power.

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I'm "still afraid to use spaces in file names" years old

category "better listen twice": Digital Bath — Deftones

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TIL: Die @wasserbetriebe haben eine ungeschützte API um für beliebige Wasserzähler-Nummern die hinterlegten Adressen und letzten Zählerstände abzurufen.

Bin aber nicht sicher, ob das so gewollt ist 🤔

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Die @BILD-Redaktion hat ganz oben auf der das blutüberströmte Gesicht eines zuvor getöteten 9-jährigen Kindes gezeigt, unverpixelt:

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" isn’t about look and feel. It is about structure. It means giving text content structure and link the web. We should use HTML elements not because how they look" but "for what they represent. And what functionality they should trigger in a browser."

I wonder how complex it is to create a "share to" entry in that gives people a simple way to use their (self-hosted?) bookmark app...

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Scientists recreated the famous beef, which is prized for its fat marbling, or sashi.

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Ohhh, yay! The APIs described in the IO Safety RFC have been implemented and are now available on nightly!

This is a first step towards ownership semantics for OS-level resources such as files and sockets.

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me at 23 on two hours of sleep: “whew the ol internship is going to suck today!”

me at 36 on 2 hrs sleep: “i need to go to the hospital”

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Mirror your Android device with mouse and keyboard input when you plug it into your computer.

It will check for connected devices every 5 seconds and relaunch automatically.

Run on a terminal and forget about it.

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