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So I guess now that mastodon survived the hype I can join too... 🤔

I looked into today but even the HelloWorld changes in each version because they can't decide on the naming. Sorry, I have to wait for the 1.0 then.

Opinions on iwd vs wpa_supplicant? I recently made the switch and iwd seems to be so much nicer to use. But I have no complicated use case.

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Dr. Mario 64's gzip implementation is taken almost verbatim from the gzip source code

Left pics are gzip 1.2.4a, right is Dr. Mario 64's inflate.c

I knew that would happen
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The Flaming Lips performed a gig in bubbles to an audience also in bubbles last night.

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Mein Chef meinte ich soll ein Diagramm über die häufigsten Ausdrücke, die in der it vorkommen.
Wie findet ihr es? 😀

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When the economy crashes, but you save the stock market.

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Physically accurate black hole with volumetric accretion disk, made using @UnrealEngine . Black hole spin warps space time, causing further space warp and doppler shift of light, present in the video (Spin = 0.4).

Wow, endlich können die Schulen ganz offiziell Heizkosten sparen!
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„Der Deutsche Philologenverband rät Schülern und Lehrern, sich in den kommenden Monaten warm anzuziehen - am besten nach dem Zwiebelprinzip.“

Soso. 🙄

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When the senior developer takes over and fixes the bug in 15 minutes

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heute mit meiner 5-jährigen unterwegs gewesen, als uns ein mann mit mundschutz unter der nase entgegenkam. plötzlich zeigt sie mit dem finger auf ihn und ruft: "unsere solidarität ist stärker als deine toxische männlichkeit!"

the future is female 😍

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Wenn Euch Freunde sagen, sie möchten sich wegen Corona gerade nicht drinnen treffen, dann lautet die ideale Reaktion übrigens nicht: „Ach, komm schon...“ Das gibt dem anderen ein doofes Gefühl. Respektiert solche Entscheidungen einfach.

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Der -Sprecher wünscht Donald die Wiederwahl und ich finde, dass das die Qualität seiner bisherigen Amtszeit ganz gut auf den Punkt bringt 🤡

This is such a well made post! Read it or even better: listen to it while the article is scrolling automatically.
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It's done!!! The story of my descent into ergonomic keyboard madness - complete with mspaint illustrations and an audiobook version? It's been a crazy journey, and only a crazy blog post could do it justice.


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Congratulations to the World Food Programmer for the Nobel peace prize.

WPF's annual budget is around 8 billion USD.

Jeff Bezos increases his wealth by more than that each year.

Just saying.

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William Haskell Alsup was 67 when he learned Java for this case. His remarks on Java's design choices were legendary: "You open a folder, there is another folder, then another, then another, then another, then another, then a file."

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Sein wir doch mal ehrlich, wir alle wollen diese Västtrafik Tasche.

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Hey . Next week we have the next meetup. We are still looking for interesting speakers. If you are interested to have a talk let us know via PM. Thanks a lot.

@vuejs @VueNewsletter

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When did you last ask yourself, "what if I'm wrong," about something you believe in strongly? Seems to me that it's limiting to become so certain of the 'truth' that it becomes fanatical and leaves no room for new information. I do my best to ask myself this question every day

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