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Newbie to the fediverse, despite keeping tabs on it for quite some time. Finally making the jump and should have a long time ago.

I work in IT, currently as an Automation Engineer (primarily Powershell), with 10 years of hardware experience.

Sometimes I play games on the Interwebz. Generally just like to enjoy life and have constructive conversations and learn from others.

Probably the best interviews I've seen in a while. Rob Schneider speaking straight from the heart:

Now more than ever college is not a requirement for many jobs. You can learn to code entirely online for a fraction of the cost, even free if you have the drive to learn it.

If you didn't have a plan to pay for schooling and expect me to bail you out, I don't feel too sorry.

Hard times happen, and that's a different discussion.

is a scam to cover for irresponsibility.

Grow up and be responsible for your choices.

It took some finagling, but I was able to revive the old beast that I had used prior to my current PC. It had flat out died and refused to power on previously, but through the same troubleshooting steps I did countless times when it died, it revived. Now running Kubuntu 22.04 so Mrs can play Minecraft on a better PC. (not it's final home)

So let me get this right:
- abortion good because "my body, my choice"
- mask mandates good because "you can't decide what's best for you"

Which one is it? You want control over your body or you want politicians to control it?

Btw, abortion isn't primarily effecting your body.

I will not apologize for my faith in God and His instruction in Scripture. Regardless of whether you participate in any of these aspects, I still love you as a person and want to see you flourish.

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"PRIDE" is unsustainable, an abomination, and goes against the natural order. Taking it a step further, it is the direct antithesis of what God commanded at Creation and reaffirmed repeatedly in the Bible.

Abortion is murder and also the antithesis of the command to "be fruitful and multiply".

Selfishly sleeping around instead of waiting until marriage and procreating as God intended is part of the problem.

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Some things have been on my mind and I couldn't figure out how to say it. In light of recent events, I think I figured it out.

Recently we lost our sixth child to miscarriage. We're saddened by the loss and look forward to seeing them all in Heaven. Cherishing our girls more every day.

The state of our culture that puts more focus on killing babies, avoiding children in favor of self, and promoting degeneracy to our children is abhorrent. We need a return to promoting self responsibility.

Some sane decisions this week and wins for our rights. I hope we see more decisions upholding the rights of Americans instead of eroding them.

Father's Day was bittersweet today.

No, I didn't lose my father. Rather, we recently lost our sixth child due to miscarriage. A reminder to hold my children even closer.

I hope all the dad's out there had a great day with family. Keep being the best dad you can be!

Soldering mission 1 complete.

Desoldered two joystick modules from a dead XBox controller and used one to replace a stick with drift.

This one makes controller 6 out of 10 saved from the dump in a fall pallet shopping spree. All of them needed repairs and no parts have been purchased.

Should be able to repair one more with drift.

Solder job isn't the greatest, but first one in quite a while so I'm rusty. Papa Rossmann has been keeping me up to speed though.

I think it's hilarious how many people are actually paying attention to alternative platforms now that Twitter is changing hands.

Hopefully that means more growth for other platforms across the board and we see improvements all the way around.

A GPU appears! It will be installed tonight. Going to be a pretty big jump from the GTX 960 4GB to a 1660 Ti.

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Those comparing the ability of insurance to charge smokers more to the desire for them to do the same for "unvaccinated" are clearly missing the point.

1) Smokers are proven to have more medical issues than non-smokers and are a greater risk to the provider.

2) The vaccinations have their own issues and long term effects are still unknown. Thus it can be argued "vaccinated" may actually be the greater risk to providers.

3) These are "scare tactics" to force to comply.

You decide.

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