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Newbie to the fediverse, despite keeping tabs on it for quite some time. Finally making the jump and should have a long time ago.

I work in IT, currently as an Automation Engineer (primarily Powershell), with 10 years of hardware experience.

Sometimes I play games on the Interwebz. Generally just like to enjoy life and have constructive conversations and learn from others.

Saw this eventually coming. Good for Kyrie and I hope he stands his ground on his convictions. We need more like him that are willing to put it on the line.

If we want so badly to "Build Back Better", why do we keep paying people to stay home and consume instead of building?

This is the most ridiculous, inconsistent, brain-dead "policy" to attempt pushing.

Take this a step further: They want to continue putting themselves in a position to monitor everything you do as an American. Tell them to butt out. Go local wherever you can and find alternative methods to handle your day-to-day. Don't succumb to their nonsense and infringement of our rights.

I will never forget where I was or the way I felt 20 years ago this day.

We must remember what occurred and that the enemy of freedom is within and without and stand against it.

If your biggest selling point to me up front as a recruiter, or any business, is that you are "minority or women-owned", you missed the boat.

Sell me on your actual credentials, experience, expertise. Differentiate yourself in a meaningful way that actually provides value.

"Our concern at this point isn’t for cheaters who get banned from games they cheat in. It’s for the way this capability will likely be abused by corporations and governments in the future. It would be naive to pretend this will not happen."

This Week in KDE: Plasma gets a new windows overview look, you can choose the status of your Bluetooth adapter on login, and the loading spinner now looks like a rotating gear ⚙️!

If the last six months have proven anything, it's that I should trust the federal government even less than ever.

Attempts to stop "misinformation" are really an attempt to take away your rights.

Just remember how much "misinformation" they spread.

Yes, please daddy government. Have more control over everything we do. That always goes over well.

"Mainstream" social media is complicit in silencing the free speech and thought of the average person and should be ridiculed.

Think for yourself. Don't blindly accept anything.

I'm thankful for platforms like Mastodon offering a wealth of options and alternatives.

I've had interest in FF14 for quite some time and never enough time to play for any sort of subscription to make sense. Hope you're all enjoying it!

KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.

Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

Working through Dragon Ball with Mrs and there are so many moments that I just forgot about, like Gohan saving Vegeta against Cell.

Can't wait until we get to Super. We're taking a detour through GT before we get there though.

I don't care who you are or how important you are to a team. If you turn your back on your national anthem while playing for a NATIONAL team, you deserve to be benched and/or removed from the team.

Have a nice activist life somewhere else or just don't even play on the team.


Proud to be an American and not ashamed to say that I thank God for it. He is in control regardless how happy I am with the direction we go or who is in leadership.

Pet "parents" should not be celebrated on Mother's/Father's Day. Change my mind.

My daughter and wife got me a mug and hat for Father's Day. I'm just happy to have a loving family.

Now that I have a hat, I won't get quite as sun burned when I'm doing work outside.

Oh hey. E3 was a thing that happened. I cared so much I forgot it was a thing. Not even worried about catching up. Rather focus on some Bible passages, figuring out fixing things around the house, or improving my skills.

If anything worth my attention popped up, I'll find it.

I applied for an IT Manager position and actually got a call back the next day. I was a bit surprised because every other position I've applied to I have heard nothing back.

Tuesday is my first interview and I'm a bit nervous. While I feel I'm fully qualified to handle the position, I've been out of the interviewee game for a little while.

Prepping over the weekend and we'll see how it goes.

With going on right now, seems like a pretty good time to have a piqued interest. I know I'm excited to see what I can find and delve into the universe even more.

What are you looking at in Warhammer?

Considering delving into Warhammer, but I'm much less familiar with it. A lot of positive things have been said about it compared to DnD.

Any good lore resources or games to start with for someone with basic Warhammer knowledge? Base or 40K. Both are of interest.

For now I'm considering playing some Warhammer: Chaosbane and I've already played 40k: Space Marine, but may replay it. Would try Vermintide (1 or 2), but my current GPU struggles to run them well.

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