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If everything about the covid vaccines are so hunky dory that we can have them mandated across the board for accessing anything and everything, why are they still in EUA mode everywhere?

Most education under capitalism is designed to produce docile workers, not creative thinkers.

If we continue to say “gosh, targeted attacks are hard, it’s not your fault” then this is exactly the level of security we should expect to get — and we’ll deserve it.

Good reading on Pegasus and what we should do to not deserve this unsafe world.

Emmanuel Macron orders inquiries into leaked Pegasus project data after his phone number, and those of most of his cabinet, appeared in leaked database
“If the government knew but did nothing, that is a scandal. If they didn’t know, it’s worrying.”

We have terribly failed to live with them in wild anyways.

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Maybe endangered species like Lions and Tigers should be allowed as pets, maybe that will help increase their numbers. Forest is anyways shrinking at alarming pace and we aren't ready to stop or reverse the same. At least as pets they will learn to live with us.

Most of us can't see stars in a night sky not because there are clouds or no stars, but because there is so much light around us.

Goa's legend, its freedom fighter and a lovely human being Álvaro Pereira is no more. Read this beautiful tribute.

TIL Emperor Akbar was mostly a vegetarian.

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Thought of a dozen snarky comments, but going the picture > thousand words route.

News18 has over 1.5 lakh followers in addition to people using lists, etc.

6 minutes after tweeting, 0 likes, 0 retweets. I'm sure someone somewhere cares.

“For a pedestrian on a narrow lane, the car driver is causing the trouble. For the car driver, the pedestrian is the nuisance. Your perspectives change based on where you are placed.”

Caste is dead, we need uniform civil code, Modi is different, no appeasement politics but a lingayat CM will be replaced with another Lingayat face.

Back in 1911, a box with a dead raccoon in it showed up in Washington D.C., at the office of Gerrit S. Miller. After pulling it out and inspecting it, he realized this raccoon was from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, and unlike anything he’d ever seen before.  He christened it  Procyon minor and in doing so changed the history of Guadeloupe forever.   wnycstudios.org/story/stanger-

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@aral I wish I could boost this a million times.

"Far from being a priest class, software engineers strive to eliminate their own power by making their works generalizable and accessible."

OMG this is so good

We all need someone with Naruto's Sexy Harem Jutsu swimsuit edition.

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