After several years I'm back from Gnome to KDE

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@minus @stevenroose @angristan @espectalll Pretty much every major site you use today terminates HTTPS somewhere near the edge, and thus has its certificate copied to hundreds or thousands of servers they don't own, hosted in racks provided by ISPs and mobile carriers.

Regardless of what you heard about end-to-end encryption, this is the reality of today's web, for reasons of cost and performance.

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Today I experience very strange behavior in my MSMQ client .....

After half a day of uninstall, install and join to domain and remove the machine from the domain, the only solution that worked was
- uninstall MSMQ
- remove the machine from the domain
- remove the machine from Active Directory
- change machine name
- join the machine with the new name in the domain
- install MSMQ

Of course with a lot of reboot in the while ☹️☹️☹️

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"Dal 1985 al 2014 si nota una divaricazione della forbice che ha penalizzato le retribuzioni più povere, che rappresentano la maggioranza del totale, mentre una minoranza di dirigenti ha aumentato i propri stipendi".
(da [email protected])
#salario #lavoro #italia #italy #wages

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I have to start a prototype of a web e-commerce shop and I looking for a simple framework. I'm evaluating polymer and angular. I don't know both. What do you think about them?

Leaving Florence to go to Bruxelles....
Fosdem 2019 I'm arriving

Today just meetings and some production fix .... Not so exciting

Back to Italy from Google Next London. Great experience

Google Next London is finished.
Time to back to home...

Yesterday I finished "Star Trek Discovery". The whole series is not so bad but the how the first season finish is a non sense.

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Do not use btrfs; it's pure shit.

Today I was hit by this 2014 issue with my 2018 kernel and userland:

Suddenly, I started getting ENOSPC errors in the middle of a package upgrade, and the system became unbootable.

df reported the partition 68% full, and btrfsck didn't find any issues. It took me *hours* to discover 'btrfs filesystem balance' and convince it to work on a full filesystem.

This isn't even the first time I have to recover a btrfs partition. Enough.

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