Evergreen view that Google Docs are the absolute worst for basic formatting requirements. God it does my head in!

ISS sighting
The ISS will be visible from Dunedin, on Wednesday, 6 May 18:35:18
Starting in the WSW (239°)
Ending in the E (81°) at 18:40:50
Maximum elevation: 61.2°
Brightness: -2.5


Stage one of my boy's birthday cake complete. Red Velvet layer cake.

Holy hell. Genesis are getting the band back together and touring the UK one last time. Can I make it to see them all the way from New Zealand?

Dear god, the GSuite of "productivity" apps are horrible. The experience is horrible. The features are horrible. The performance is horrible. There is nothing redeeming when compared to Microsoft Office and I desperately miss Office.

My 10yo, "E", has been talking to a couple of friends in class and they've decided they want to write a game.
They want to make a racing game: top-down 2D graphics with keyboard controls. E says he wants to use Scratch to do it, so naturally I've downloaded and am learning Unreal Engine.

I've been watching The Dead Lands: a fantasy rooted in Māori mythology and culture. Also zombies. I'm loving the whole aesthetic of the series.

Fireworks? Fireworks. At midnight. Sure. Of course. Why not. 🙄

What's the best Mastodon client for Windows?

Turns out it's hard to use a platform when you have very few followers and conversations (in any language) are hard to get started. I'm not 100% convinced anyone's even reading this.

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It's international hug a drummer day! Find your nearest drummer and let them know they're appreciated! 🥁🤗

Any audio / folks with advice would be appreciated.

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I've decided I'm going to see if I can do private drum tuition as an online / distance learning course. Individualised lesson content for each student.
Gonna need better sound gear though for the drums. Starting with this: rockshop.co.nz/shop/recording/

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Advanced notice:

I (me personally) will be looking for 1-2 people to formally mentor in #infosec in 2020.

* NZ based but _anywhere_ in NZ
* From an under represented group
* Age 17-70
* Not currently employed in #infosec

More to follow soon via blog

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Basically half of my timeline lately for some reason. I thought the fish tube was old news!

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