Star Trek: SNW is an excellent iteration on the franchise and is thoroughly enjoyable while doing a great job at honouring the original series and lore. Really loving this.

So everyone got over their Twitter / Elon exodus to Mastodon and went right back there after about a week, then?

Landed this one accidentally. #125 2/6 (100%)

This hardly exonerates you, Countdown. It's hard not to see this as anything other than a PR exercise.

America is a theocracy. Its god is money.
Until the country as a whole confronts that provable fact, literally every single other grotesque, cruel, incalculably unfair facet of its society is doomed to continue exactly as it always has.

If the US wants to clutch its pearls and cry "how could we let this happen?!", build your democracy around something other than money. Because money is what brought you here and the rest of the world is disgusted and dismayed to see it.

Staying off the birdsite for a while until the US goes through the usual performative outrage and cries to vote as though anything they do is going to lead to meaningful change within that country.
It's a grotesque culture within American society that has people fighting so hard to ensure more of this. The degree of sociopathy from those quarters is staggering and disgusting and ultimately dooms any hope of meaningful change to failure. We've seen it every other time and I'm not watching today.

Gun Control 

JFC America. Look at the state of you. Your country is broken. I'd say fix your gun problem but you've proven you don't want to. It's just disgusting.

Listening to NZ Morning Report this morning. Wednesdays are always aggravating when Luxon comes on to explain all the ways he's upset with the current government instead of their doing all the things that he wants that would upset the voting public.

Blowing a gale down here in Dunedin. No idea why I've bothered to try and look well groomed for work. It's all going to be for nought.

Just got called out on birdsite about a joke I made about Brendan Eich... by BRENDAN EICH!! 😱😱💀

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[table][tr][td]Magnitude Mw 5.7Region VANUATUDate time 2022-05-23 19:26:37.7 UTCLocation 17.21 S ; 167.28 EDepth 6 km[/td][/tr][/table]
Earthquake, Magnitude 5.7 - VANUATU - 2022 May 23, 19:26:37 UTC

Big day. Important meeting this afternoon. So naturally brain is all "Hey, here is every other unrelated event on repeat at 3:30am to keep you awake!". 😡🙄

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Hundreds of new billionaires since 2020 in contrast with hundreds of millions pushed into extreme poverty worldwide.
‘Billionaire bonanza’: Tax the rich as poverty surges: Oxfam
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[table][tr][td]Magnitude mb 5.6Region HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGIONDate time 2022-05-23 02:01:07.2 UTCLocation 41.24 N ; 142.98 EDepth 40 km[/td][/tr][/table]

Disappointingly, no option for "whoosh" as it flies overhead directly to Countdown and the power company.

Show me the lie.
Conservatism leads to abuse because conservatism *is* abuse. It is the protection of hierarchy and unearned privilege at the expense of those without power, and the protection of institutions at the expense of the people who inhabit them.

Politics - UK 

Brexit just going brilliantly for the UK. These two posts within a minute of each other.

Ricky Gervais might have been funny once but it was a long time ago and most of us have forgotten.

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Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

There goes the national emergency test notification.

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