The criterion for "simple, obvious code" is that I can understand and debug it even after a days of little sleep, while my web sites are under active attack, I'm ill, it's 175 kilometers to Chicago, it's dark, and I'm wearing sunglasses.

My best code is not the code where others go "wow, that's complex! however did you manage to write that?"

My best code is where others go "that's obvious, what's the big deal?"

In this way code resembles magic.

You can tell the state of journalism by looking at how many reproduce the claim that Wikipedia today would have been "shut off". You'd think that people could tell a broken light bulb from one that's covered in black.

Von meinem -Vortrag "rspamd aus der Perspektive des Hobbyadmins" gibt es bereits den Audiostream unter Abgesehen von 100 "Ähm" und dass ich ElasticSearch als "ElastikSearch" ausgesprochen habe auch ganz passabel.

I was lucky to get a new Intellimouse Optical USB, the best mouse ever, from China. I just doubt that it is an authentic one, judging by the date code "1018".

I guess with 16EB of memory you could actually run Slack twice

Most notable difference running Linux on mainframes to x86: headless installations, no PCI bus, no local disk storage, in general tons of I/O devices which are also off by default

"I don't really want to convince you to buy a mainframe, but if you do, put me in as referrer, maybe I get something :)"

Splitting mainframe resources using virtualization: PR/SM is a dancer

TIL there appears to be someone running a Minecraft server on a Mainframe

A definition from 2010 but honestly I couldn't have trivially defined "mainframe" any better

Changing talks now I couldn't decide whether to use "Nobody gets fired for watching IBM [talks]" or "Insane in the mainframe" as introduction but welp: "Modern mainframes & Linux running on them" with Block

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