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Petros Koutsolampros

Here was something I dropped before I decided to just do lots of emojos.

I wanted to learn human anatomy for drawing but wanted better visual breakdowns of it and was disappointed by the material I could find. So I decided to try to build my own models of understanding from drawing books as well as public domain medical anatomical texts, and I came up with this idea of breaking down muscle insertions/origins as if it was some kind of metro diagram.

#anatomy #diagram #design

Under the sun

There's one spot in the world right now,
where the sun is exactly overhead,
and it's this one:

Anyone found a good alternative to Facebook events? It's the only thing I maintain a Facebook account for these days.

It would need to integrate with existing networks to help populate contacts and publish invitesm but actual RSVPing should probably not require an account.

I have found things like Attendize, but anything focused on "ticketing" is going to feel like overkill for inviting people to a birthday party or a backyard BBQ.

bot allies: mastodon now has a toggle to mark accounts as being bots. seems like a good thing to check

I've spent the last handful of years working as the Lead Background Designer on Cartoon Network's #StevenUniverse, making stuff like this!


Google Duplex: "Hi! Uhm... I'd like to make a dinner reservation for 3."
Restaurant: "Sure! What time would you like?"
Google Duplex: "it's, uhh... for tomorrow May the 11th at NULL POINTER EXCEPTION."
Restaurant: "Internal Exception: Invalid parameter not satisfying: time".

Do you meet the following criteria?

✔️ Educator
✔️ Can be in London, England on Thursday 24th May
✔️ Interested in testing out MoodleNet prototypes

If so, get in touch! (we'll compensate you for your time)

(please boost to reach corners of the Fediverse I haven't yet explored!)

Copying from a thread of #GDPR jokes:

- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

one thing that java does get right is javadoc, imo. you can go get a readout of everything that is in a class hierarchy and there's space to explain how to actually use this stuff, and it's built into the ecosystem.

more things like that should exist

2018 has been amazing for Free Software. There were some really big donations from Pineapple Fund and, Microsoft started selling Linux devices and Chrome OS is getting native Linux support. Ubuntu 18.04 looks like it's going to be great release as well.
@GIMP @patdavid

A Research Group at Stanford University has published a video codec & transport protocol that improves delay and quality benchmarks!

Best Part: It's GPL 2!

Check it out here:

#Discord #OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS #VideoChat #voicechat

The @GIMP have just released 2.10 to the world! Six years of hard work and improvements are all wrapped up and now available! Congratulations to the GIMP team for all of their hard work and dedication to bring us such a great project!

#FOSS #photography #artwithopensource #digitalart #freesoftware #software #editing

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