Coming back for a look at Mastodon, post a full run around Sol by this mudball.

After doing more testing, I decided to go ahead and provide shared hosting for Mastodon instances.
This will be a trial but unless something goes horribly wrong, I believe that I can price it at €5/month for an instance of up to 100 users.
This can greatly diminish the cost of running small instances and remove the technical barrier from everyone who wishes to run their own Mastodon Instance.
Let me know what you think

One of the perks of using is mentions get colored based on instance name for easy identification!

Is anybody using Stylish or a similar browser plugin to make their separate instances/accounts distinguishable by color?

I'm starting to see the owners of instances use unique favicons - I hope that catches on...

It's a black day for #russian internets: a bill draft was proposed by Russian government that bans usage of #VPN, #Tor, and other anonymizers. This happened only 10 days after a Tor exit node administrator #DmitryBogatov was arrested. Being anonymous is now a crime in Russia... #freeBogatov

my crazy grandfather calls HTML "Himmel" or "Himmel The markup language"

I'm not sure why he thinks this is correct.

@pzriddle está enfocada a un público de habla hispana según su descripción.

Busco una buena instancia principalmente en . ¿Existe?

I'm looking for a good instance primarily in Spanish. Is there one?

@pzriddle Ich denke da gibt es einige. Unter anderem meine.

Aktuell landen leider die E-Mails noch im Spam Ordner. Wird heute Abend überprüft.

Ansonsten gibts noch,, usw.

Ich suche eine gute Instanz, hauptsächlich auf . Gibt's eine?

I'm looking for a good instance primarily in . Is there one?

Lots of choo choos 

Got a great idea for a Mastodon instance? This is your reminder that @hugo is looking for people to test his experimental turnkey Mastodon hosting service.

(Not an ad, I'm just a potential user who wants this idea to take off.)

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