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There's always the possibility that some asshole will be offended. ~ Clint Eastwood. Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

If CoCs could actually change anything they'd be illegal

A Mike Tyson t-shirt with the quote: "belieth in thomethin"

Justh do ith

> Apple can delete purchased movies from your library without telling you

> Turns out cloud storage is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Segunda receta de cerveza Porter.

Un par de modificaciones de la versión original.

Además, creo que será buena idea irse preparando para la temporada de calor.

@racuna "Ay, ¿negativo? Jajaj ¡Erís tan escorpión!"

I like girls that are in touch with their feminine side.

El 11 de septiembre siempre ha tenido mambo en Chile.

1541, Destrucción de Santiago
1552, 11 años después, Terremoto en Santiago
1924, Golpe de estado contra Arturo Alessandri
1973, Golpe de estado contra Salvador Allende
1980, Referendum de Pinocho
2007, Eclipse
2008, Teléfonica España oferta la compra de Telefónica Chile

So.. NEIPA is a bad brewed IPA with a fancy name?

The next release of #Mastalab will work with the trunk API to discover more people and accounts to follow.

Just select a category and accounts will be listed.

The follow button will automatically create a list and add the accounts in it (after following them).


Thank you to @kensanata and to people involved in this project!

This is my pup when we first got her about a month ago and what she looks like today. She’s kinda gorgeous

Instagram import will be released tomorrow 😉#pixeldev

The visibility feature was the last thing that was holding back federation support. Will be testing remote follows tomorrow. 😉 #pixelfedszn

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