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One Punch Man

Iquique changed the name of a park from Lucia Hiriart (wife of a dictator), to Arturo Godoy (chilean heavyweight boxer).

Fuck Yeah!

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Tomorrow I will walk like a penguin. Leg day.

Still not 💯 recovered from the cold, but "fuck you, I'm an anteater" attitude

Instagram is for girls to post bikini photos and patron links, right?

Big maintenance at 22:42 UTC +2, we're scaling up :mastodon_oops:

TFW the best way to deal with Life is a meme from ten years ago.

Elders react to Greta Van Fleet (clone band of Led Zeppelin)

i don’t trust cloudflare’s new dns. sure, moving away from google’s is a good thing but who’s to say cloudflare isn’t doing the same monitoring tactics on their dns


Can't found a way to see only first post/toot on the TL, not the replies-

At least until I open the original post/toot.