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Amazing: API quotas for requests to read a list of likes (50 results per page) and adding each item to another playlist are completely exhausted by ~ 180 items. Per day. Of the 1200+ likes that I have. That is, the API does not allow to solve the problem without resorting to hand migration of one video once a minute, because the new interface lags and constantly slows down, loading useless elements.

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Dear ... No. Fucking darling :
* Why do you introduce such big changes without explaining why they are being introduced?
* Why now I have to get into my account to show the videos I like to anyone else?
* Why do I have to make three clicks to bypass this (Save - Mark playlist - Save) instead of one?
* What should I do with thousands of videos already tagged? Move to separate playlist? Okay, I can still automate this through your API, but what can other people do?

I spent all day formulating this text in (native) Russian, please do not tell me that the project is being used abroad. :blobmegasweats:

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It is strange that in Mastodon I can not initiate a search for all ever published public publications based on some ordinary words. Either hashtags or usernames. There is no third. :blob_anguished:

Yesterday I had a good night programming stream with chatter and improved code of . ☺️

If I were doing the game alone for a year, then the same work could be done in just a couple of months if there was a team of 5 people, each of which simultaneously does a certain area of work for one on all projects. If you turn on the file openness fighter and enough attention to it, then the time spent can be safely divided into tens and hundreds of people.

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I like the way OpenSource solutions (with due support from the audience) are developing much faster than proprietary ones. At least this is due to the fact that 10 "closed" developers are unable to sufficiently improve their product compared to 5,000 open enthusiasts. This is a simple matter of time and asynchronous tasks.

now support custom redirects and changing taxonomies urls by general config file! 🎉

I published a useful bookmark for semi-automatic removal of duplicate scrobbles in the library:

If everything goes like clockwork, then in the summer I will actively use my own engine in order to identify unexpected bugs and introduce improvements that could improve the experience of use . The most important thing in this is that the engine is open and available for use and modification for everyone. I hope that its simplicity and minimalism will appeal to its future users, and potential developers will support my undertaking with useful patches.

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I am surprised that this is already working well and am preparing to wrap sensitive routes in protective layers. I do not want to resort to the use of passwords, as they are insecure, preferring a passwordless authentication mechanism. I have already tested this separately from the and, I think, it will be a good solution.

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Let's talk about my current big project - . This is a long-term project of my own blog engine on , which I have already started three times, but not very successfully. But on the fourth attempt to completely rewrite from scratch, I achieved significant success in less than a month: full basic support for publishing posts and pages on behalf of one user. As well as support for customization of the theme and reactive dashboard for administrator.

By the way, advise some decentralized and open analog of Facebook, like Diaspora or something else. I want to finally get rid of a social network that I have not been using since registering there due to overload of functionality, advertising and the imposition of business functions. This should be a social network, not a blog. For a blog I am developing my own engine.

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My year began with the freezing of my Instagram, followed by the migration of content to Pixelfed. The next step is the migration from Twitter to here.

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