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It's impossible to insult someone. You can only become the insulted.

What is your preferred way to support free single developer projects?

Recently I came across to automatically skip ads inside YouTube videos:

And, my God, I am so glad that now I don't need to use my mouse to not listen to the promotion of a third-rate mobile game with high ratings and registration bonuses.

Fuck ads.

My more wide-ranging opinion is why the requirement to rename established terms in code to inclusive neutral makes no sense and is even harmful:

@drq @skobkin @rf @russian_mastodon @cauf самое разумное -- не навешивать ярлыки на других. А ещё лучше игнорировать подобные драмы и делать всё по своей душе, не пытаясь угодить какой-то группе людей.

Именно попытку угодить я последнее время вижу там, что мне дороже больше всего -- в FOSS.

It's impossible to insult someone. You can only become the insulted.

The classic tip: if something bad has really happened with you, report it to the police as soon as possible, while you have more than enough to prove it. Otherwise you aggravate your health by a deep psychological/physical trauma and deprive yourself of the chance to get justice, as no one will take your 20 year old story seriously anymore. Well, except for useless Twitter, of course.

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If we trust the "victims" by default just because "they said something," then we'll never close the Pandora's box. Don't trust anyone until we have evidence from both sides of the conflict. Especially if the accusations are based on events more than a year old, it is almost impossible to verify such stories to a sufficient extent that impostors actively use them.

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For example: Zoe Queen's accusation of Alec Holowka in September 2019. Just a direct charge of sexual harassment, without confirmation or evidence. Her words are smashed by her own tweets, with no hint of any problems at all. Plus, she had previously initiated a scandal around herself by sleeping with a gaming journalist for good grades about her game. Twitter, for some reason, forgot about the last fact, pointing tons of hatred at an innocent developer and composer, bringing him to suicide.

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That's what I can say about sexual harassment. Check the victim himself and give the defendant time to respond. The victim may have an unpleasant past (for example, dozens of other blames with no proofs target on more popular individuals), and the defendant may have a rebuttal that would otherwise be choked up under tons of unjustified bullying.

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What's the point of cancelling someone if they're quickly forgotten, giving them the opportunity to arise somewhere else? To repeat the process? Maybe we should all take on more important issues?

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