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Thanksgiving Pie? Brilliant! :flan_guns:

In the Garnet vs Covington debate, I firmly fall on the side of: both. Both is good.

I fully support a Garnet Thanksgiving Pie vs Covington Thanksgiving Pie eat-off, so that everyone can form their own opinion.

It should be repeated regularly, because people's tastes change over time.

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it's kind of amazing how consistently profit motive will turn every formerly half-decent weather site into a seething morass of webshit & adtech garbage

Happy fediverse! Truly one of my favorite holidays. :blobwobble:

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Listen Thanksgiving is great and all but I invite you to join me tomorrow in one of America’s finest traditions: National Pie For Breakfast Week!

Strong language 

Okay, but the in Zürich yesterday was worth the plane trip from the US all by itself.

New album drops August 30th! We've waited ten years for this...!


Any other Mastodonians (is that what we're calling ourselves?) at this year?

Just learned about enumerate() in and now I feel silly. Time to edit soooo many scripts...

Thanks Trey: treyhunner.com/2019/05/python-

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#FreeOrion is a 4X strategy #game set in space.

FreeOrion features a rich tech tree which unlocks technologies that can create and destroy even stars.

Technologies can be applied to create ships, weapons and buildings capable of sterilizing planets, enhancing your species' hardiness, or creating planets.

A game of FreeOrion may be played alone with the computer, or with friends across the world.

Website 🔗: freeorion.org/index.php/Main_P

apt 📦: freeorion

#free #foss #opensource #fossmendations

Yeah so apparently @matrix is having server trouble following a security incident. Yikes.

Best of luck, admin/SecOps teams. Looking forward to a after you're back online. Please remember us who follow on Mastodon!

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My BSDNow interview is now up. Come see the violence inherent in the syste--uh, come see me make a fool of myself.


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We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

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the GRUB manual contains the phrase "We hope that you enjoy using GNU GRUB as much as we did writing it." which is either rather nice or extremely threatening

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@IzzyOnDroid @Andreas
"All this panic over #Article13 is load of nonsense. Read this enlightening blog post to understand how it really isn't going to affect most people:

<this link has been removed for copyright infringement - fill in the Appeal Form if you wish to dispute this decision>"

Built and flashed the new beta firmware from @Purism before I took my Librem13 across a border. Thanks Purism team!

Also, ran into a bug with megadown in the Coreboot build script. When I get back stateside I'll see if I can't figure out a fix or something.

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