Every day more I prefer pinafore over the mastodon UI

Hello mastodon! It has been a time since my last login. How is everything going?

Someone posted this before but I've lost it. I loved to read the article so here you have it builtformars.com/creating-an-a

For a moment my mind saw Donald Trump using pleroma to share posts in the fediverse. He is not ready

Ok mastodon, need help... Any good resource to learn java for technical interviews?

My first ever go program. A little tool to store links and mark them as read. github.com/yabirgb/gpread

Btw is there a well maintained pleroma server where I can create an account? I want an alt account

Does anyone have documentation on how apple's time machine is designed?

I wanted to use the advent of code 2020 to learn nim. So far I like it. Is far far faster than python with similar syntax, so I don't see why I would use python for certain tasks. In the other hand rust continues being my favourite language, the compiler is more helpful in rust and performance is superior

I'm trying to make some magic with wasm and images in rust and it is awesome ✨ ✨

Esteemed Audience and attendees of
**ActivityPub Conf 2020**

Using federated instances as discussion communities -
Digital public sphere @eest9

--> bbb.fosshost.org/b/mor-rwx-ctq


#apconf2020 #activitypub #apconf #meeting #conference #fediverse

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