Every time @lain changes his avatar/name It takes me minutes until I know it's s(he)

Mastodon users: *uses mastodon*
Pleroma users: *uses pleroma*

Sometimes stereotypes are correct boost if you agree

Two exams in less than 24h and those are just mid-term exams :blob_confused: :blob_dizzy_face:

Started to publish some of the code I'm making at:

It's a #Clojure #Gopher client but that's only the excuse to create some code and learn about Java things you have to use from clojure and some #Terminal #UI

It contains all the stuff I've been talking about during these days.

I'll keep adding stuff.

Comments are welcome!

Tomorrow I'm waking up early to see the first race of Leclerc with Ferrari. I'm a big fun of this guy and how he works hard every time 👊

Also, from the conference:

1. People are reinventing things for a frontend that were created in 97 year.

2. Web is broken and we, web developers, are responsible for it. It is time to fix it!

3. TypeScript feels pretty a nice language :)

4. Grammarly is developed by the awesomest engineers I've ever seen in my life.

I'm never building mini atx systems again. My hands are too big

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reminder: this is the official logo of servo, mozilla's experimental web rendering product in rust

Hey, is there any europeans here interested in working on OpenSearch and SKOS with me?

I'm applying for a European grant (nlnet.nl/discovery/) to help me put more time to Odysseus, because I think it's a good fit for them. Yet they do say that having Europeans involved does help, but isn't required.

Also I'm keen to see what else they fund, my solutions do not stand alone.

If I change motherboard + cpu should I reinstall my linux or will it work ok? I fear some issue with drivers but I prefer not to reinstall

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