Lovely example of non-distributivity.
And in fact, it is even worse: floating point is not associative:

In [142]: 0.1 + (0.2 + 0.3)
Out[142]: 0.6

In [143]: (0.1 + 0.2) + 0.3
Out[143]: 0.6000000000000001


I want to do things like this or like this with a computer but I don't know where to start. Would be cool :blobderpy:

@yabirgb Current problem is that Mastodon expects username/domain to never change. So currently I'm internally with the current URI, and /users/14715 prior or with the API...

but you could federate out an Actor `id` as whatever HTTPS URI you wanted and then dereference it to some other guid, and perform crypto verification of the public key

Today I improvised a talk with the title 'Activtypub, blockchains and stuff. I talked about what is activitypub, what are blockchains and tought about the idea of solving the account migration problem using a existing blockchain to store the public key, so an existing user can move with his private key and we all can trace the user. I know that no one likes blockchains but what is your opinion?


We have detected an issue affecting the physical host your Linode resides on.

>We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible and will update this ticket as soon as we have more information for you.

>Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

with uptime like this, i may as well host my dev instance at home or at work

Its Friday! Here is my #followFriday list:

@pfefferle - indieweb, wp ap plugin

@gcluley - Computer security chap

@pollita - core php dev

@ramsey - web dev, admin of

@kevinflo - web dev, creator of @fediversecast

@bagder - dev, creator of curl

@Bat - creator of #plume

@ericlbarnes creator of @laravelnews


First impressions matter, every pixel counts. :pixelfed:

hey everyone writing code: you can't get around this. code does not exist in a noble mathematical void which absolves you of accountability. any system which people touch is tied into the fabric of society, and should be scrutinized for potential to do harm.

How to make a racist AI without really trying

"... the sentiment is generally more positive for…

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#linux #jeux #steam

Vous savez que Steam Linux intègre désormais Proton (aka Wine) qui permet de faire tourner les jeux Windows ?

Et bien il y a maintenant un site pour recenser les jeux qui fonctionnent:

Things are going to start moving fast leading up to the stable release next month:

- Documentation
- Easy Installation
- Federation
- Video
- Realtime timelines
- Notifications
- Federated Timeline
- APIs
- Mobile Apps (like @morii and @crushv's app)
- :pixelfed: Stories

#pixelfed #pixeldev

In short: just say NO TO DRUGS and maybe
you won't end up like the Hurd people.

-- Linus Torvalds

Anyone here knows how to set mastodon's docker logs to output info like in 'debug' mode. Now It only shows get/post and status code. Maybe @angristan ?

Live streaming with real time comments and reactions could be huge for the fediverse. #pixelfed

I had to start session on the browser to say: 'Good night fed inverse!' Because tusky beta doesn't let me toot on android Pie

VSCodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing

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