I'm surprised to see a video in french and still understand it. I thought that I totally forgot what I knew about french

Most of the time when I see someone use "C/C++", it's a C++ dev who assumes they can write idiomatic C as just a strict subset of C++

Python Granada ha organizado una tarde de talleres + PyDay con un #allFemalePanel que da miedo de lo bueno que es.

Si estáis por Granada el 14 y 15 de diciembre y queréis aprender Python, ¡estáis más que invitades!


Well have a nice week. I'm going to sleep now :blobheart:

via the nodeinfo endpoint (https://relay.pleroma.site/nodeinfo/2.0.json), we can determine topology which will allow us to build an entire topological graph of all known relays and endpoint nodes linked to them. that’ll be pretty neat once it’s deployed everywhere and relays begin relaying to other relays.

I don't know what I've done so things work with mastodon but not pleroma. :(

I decided to cut my hair myself. Worst idea ever.

Hey @Gargron did you see this tool that @andi made? You can view any thread in the fediverse with it in a really cool, visualized way! beta.observablehq.com/@nuklear

I want to try byte from the creator of vine

I don't know how but my logs have colors now

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