Verstappen on this race was great but for me the driver of the day is again Leclerc. He got the car in the best possible position and the car doesn't deserve to be there. Also great race by Albon

@asonix Thank you for your rust's crates for actix. I'm currently using the crate for forms and the AP one.

Rimac is one of those places where I want to work To me it seems crazy what they do

@admin Hi! I'm noticing some slow-downs when posting and uploading media. Yesterday it was worse than today. I've checked the status page but the report is only for uptime. Might be an issue in some queues in the server?

The other day I foudn this video about c++ and also this comic (sorry for linking twitter but is the best way to embed it)

I'm discovering things of c++ and thanks god I don't use it

Happy #WorldEmojiDay – apparently a thing because most emoji fonts show July 17th as "calendar" 📅. To celebrate, I'm reminding everyone that I built my own danged emoji picker:

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

I know I already bring this up before, but here I ask again: would be an issue for you guys to migrate from Mastodon to Pleroma?

Mastodon is really heavy, has a complex structure (3 different mastodon services, 1 postgresql, 1 redis) and somehow "castrated" by default, forcing #functionalcafe to switch to a fork of it (glitch-soc, which works but of course have a "use at your own risk" disclaim) and sometimes it's a real PITA to update.

Actually, #functionalcafe has 463 users registered, but only about 15-20% of them are active.

Now, an eventual migration to Pleroma will take some times, probably a day but you will keep your toots and your followers.

I'm going to make another poll on another toot for this decision, but I really hope to make the switch. It will means less maintenance, less downtime, less issues thanks to a minor complexity...

Let me know your thoughts.

added 812 packages from 439 contributors and audited 816 packages in 11.501s

I'm already scared

How many people block Google Analytics?

65% DuckDuckGo users
57% Firefox users
53% on Linux
21% on laptop/desktop
19% on Windows
18% on macOS
14% on Chrome
10% on Android
9% Google search users
8% on mobile/tablet
6% Bing users
6% on iOS
5% on Safari

Thanks to the work of Samuel Holland, crust advanced power management is now capable of running the #PinePhone for 100hrs in idle without the modem (approximately 110mW). With modem on, we should get 40% battery run-time increase (to approx 24 hrs).
Coming to your distro of choice soon!

I guess It would be cool for mastodon to be able to filter the local feed by language. In my instance there are several people speaking portuguse and japanese but I don't speak any of those language. It would be interesting to be able to filter them. If the option already exists I don't know where to configure it

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