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Yábir Benchakhtir @yabirgb@mstdn.io

Just published an interview with @cwebber , one of my very favorite people in this space. We have had the honor of eating sushi and burritos together at various times.


#ActivityPub #MediaGoblin

This year might be the first year with a positive income as elenq.tech founder and lead engineer (translated: me in my sofa doing some random shit).

The great thing of it is that I made #artodon and many other cool things during this time and I learned a lot with you.

I'm slightly happy atm. Also *really* scared because I don't know how will this work in the future.

I don't know.

When a dust devil forms over a grassfire and tumbleweeds

This is the best email that I've received today

the GDPR notices are now literally hourly

Galaxy brain: Receiving GDPR e-mails from companies you never ever signed up for or shared your data with

"standing on the shoulders of giants"

This project would not be possible without the pioneering work of evanp and @cwebber along with @Gargron and @mmn and many others!

I really look forward to the May 31st beta launch of pixelfed.org

Oh no! Again I find myself working over a fork of a python implementation but this time for a php library :facing_think: I know how it ends

Thanks to @m4sk1n for adding initial localization support to the website!

Translations wanted!


Dance like you're using the entropy generated by your movement to create cryptographic keys

My wife has concerns that she has no passwords to any of my accounts, my laptop, the server in the basement, etc. Working in security, I'm unhappy with the idea of sharing *everything*

Certainly there are passwords I need to share (financial/insurance/etc) but others make me wary (full disk encryption).

Open source password managers don't handle sharing well. Commercial ones have monthly fees that are too high.

If I get hit by a bus I need her to have access to stuff but not when I'm alive

I'm modifying a fork of a fork of a python implementation for a java library

"The headers we don't want" by Andrew Betts fastly.com/blog/headers-we-don

Great overview of different HTTP headers and which ones are actually useful.

Javascript isn't required, works fine with JS disabled! With JS enabled, the paginated timeline turns into an infinite scroll feed.