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Yábir Benchakhtir @yabirgb@mstdn.io

I've seen this and I'm sad that this needs to be written up

source: github.com/rvpanoz/luna

some people think that If the last commit wasn't from yesterday the project is dead.

I don't know which accounts are @angristan 's alts and at this point I'm too afraid to ask :thisisfine:

Privacy advocates, I’d like to ask for your help. What kind of privacy settings/features would you expect from a calendar application? Don’t mind if it’s already done in Calendar.social or already documented as an issue; I would really like to see the whole picture!

Its almost done, pretty soon you will be able to install pixelfed with a single command 👌#pixelfed

Se nos acerca una señora mayor con curiosidad. Estábamos viendo Saturno y se ha quedado impresionada (la hemos oído comentárselo a sus compis) y nos ha dado las gracias ☺️ #ScienceRules #Dontloseyourcuriosity

Hello RSS fans!

Can you recommend some good open source readers that are suitable for beginners (i.e. easy to install and easy to use)?

All platforms considered: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone

(For phone apps, they should be installable from the default app store.)

#RSS #RSSFeeds #FeedReaders #ReallySimpleSyndication #News

Does Anyone has a good playlist to listen while coding?. I like nearly all genres so there is no limitations about this

Can you recommend me a Webcam cover?

For sure I can find them anywhere but I'm interested in something from an ethical background or some kind of merch like what unixstickers does.

I want to support a project with my purchase... do you know any?

the zero productivity thing is amazing. 10/10 recommended

The ethical Instagram alternative @pixelfed is launching soon, but did you know that there's another federated photo sharing site in development?

It's called #Anfora (previously known as Zinat) and it's been developed in co-operation with #PixelFed so that they will be as compatible as possible (and they both use #ActivityPub).

Anfora is asking for help and feedback, links below:

Official account:


Dev's account:

Now I can shitpost they way I want :thisisfine: