Yes, I'm publishing books and I started yak shaving on the cover creation.

I made the whole cover writing SVG by hand.

~~~AM I A GENIUS?~~~

At least SXML is helping A LOT.

@ekaitz_zarraga He ido a mirar como de complicado es cruzar mi españita Granada-Bilbao y lo considero una tarea bastante compleja

Btw I just discovered that google earth works in all browsers now

Tomorrow I don't have uni! :acongablob: How is your week so far?

Elliptic curves' theory is intimidating. I'm just proving the Hasse's theorem and you need a lot of hard Geometry, medium Analysis, legend level Algebra and god knows what else

What the hell I'm doing with my life. I don't know how but literally my amount of free time is even less than usual. I'm doing so many things and I don't know if it's worth the effort :blobfacepalm:

I have to implement clustering heuristics for a the subject of metaheuristics and run the algs for big samples. I could do this in Python, a lang I'm quit good with and use optimized libraries or... I could use Rust 🦀 ! a lang I barely know and won't be much faster (python libraries use C). What could go wrong? I will tell you in 12 weeks

Once someone tried to convince me regarding machines and art. His point was that a machine would never create art and that any possible creation won't be art since there aren't a inspired (real) motivation in its decisions. Do you have any opinion?

I think I'm getting close to announcing my Super Secret Project.
I think it will be non-exciting for most people here.

Mondays are going to be a 13+ day at uni (including time for lunch and a 1 hour free) days. I already don't like this plan

I was looking for some cities in China (some that I have never heard of) and they are HUGE

Can we replace ICANN with a smart contract?

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